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STAG Steering Group meeting: 5th February 2019

1. Joint Investigations 1.1 Amey teams are currently averaging one investigation per day. 1.2 Most of STAG observers have now seen at least one investigation. 1.3 Amey pavement crews have been authorised by Arbs to cut tree roots up to

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STAG Steering Group meeting: 8th January 2019

1. Joint Inspections with Amey 1.1 SG members involved in the talks updated SG on the conversations held with Amey followed by questions and discussions. 1.2 Chris Rust and Paul Brooke updated SG on the meeting they had held with

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Chatsworth Road – First Joint Tree Inspection

Paul Brooke, the STAG Chair reports: Very interesting morning observed by a happy crowd. So what was the issue with this tree? Before starting any work we discussed the displaced kerbs and cracked and raised tarmac around the lime tree.

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STAG Steering Group meeting: 11th December 2018

1. Matters arising 1.1 Leaf clearing – Darren Butt has offered to provide large sacks to any groups of residents who wish to do their own leaf clearance on their roads. 2. Talks with SCC and Amey 2.1 The latest

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STAG Steering Group meeting: 27th November 2018

1. Talks with Amey/SCC 1.1 A statement on the talks has been issued. Further announcements are expected soon. 1.2 A confidential discussion on progress took place. 2. Forestry Commission Investigation 2.1 Paul Selby gave a further update. 3. Fellings owing

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Joint Statement by Sheffield Council, Amey and STAG – 13th December 2018

Following more than two months of very detailed discussions between SCC, Amey and the STAG Steering Group, Sheffield City Council have announced a new approach to managing street trees within the 25 year ‘Streets Ahead’ highway management programme operated by

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Further update on STAG’s continuing discussions with SCC and Amey

Jointly agreed press statement following a morning of talks today (below). As campaigners are aware, the group from STAG Steering Group that have been engaged in the talks, have been trying to assist the Council in formulating a proposal on

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Crowdfunder: street trees legal fund

We are currently collecting to support the small number of campaigners who are facing court costs after cases brought by Sheffield City Council.

Heartwood TiCL trail

Walk the Heartwood Trail and find Robert Macfarlane’s beautiful charms against harm hung from some of Sheffield’s threatened Street Trees. Designed by Jackie Morris.

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