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Western Road Tree Memorial plaque

What can you do? There are many ways to join in the campaign, although many people start by becoming a member of their local tree group and finding out more about what is happening closer to home.

Save Crookes, Western Rd & Walkley Trees

This group covers the area including the memorial trees planted on Western Road in honour of the Westways School pupils who gave their lives in the Great War. While other historic monuments are protected in law, trees that are part of a community’s identity have no similar recognition and, if felled, an important link with the past will be lost. 5,600+ people have signed the petition to save these much loved trees, please lend your support.

Save Gleadless Valley Trees

In September 2014 Dave Dillner and other Heeley residents began a successful campaign to stop the felling of 129 mature trees to make way for a new bus lane in Heeley. Once the bus lane plans were shelved the group then responded to the growing threat to local street trees.

Over 1900 people have signed the petition to save the area’s trees.

Save Rivelin Valley Road, Hillsborough & Wadsley trees

Rivelin Valley Road hosts another of Sheffield’s cultural landmarks: the second longest avenue of lime trees in Britain. A total of 700 trees line a three and half mile stretch and 23 of these trees are condemned to be felled, although 11 of these could be saved using standard Engineering Solutions. This is despite almost 6160 people (2086 on paper and 4074 online) having signed the petition when it was presented to the Council on 1st February 2017. The online petition today stands at 6000 – please add your voice.

Save Ecclesall Road Trees

3300+ people have lent their support to the petition to retain the threatened trees on Ecclesall Road, where the pavements have a ‘boulevard’ type atmosphere, with cafe-tables on the footway. Shops, cafes and restaurants along Ecclesall Road have expressed concern that losing trees will reduce trade. Once the large and attractive trees are no longer there to filter vehicle emissions, reduce traffic noise and provide shade, shoppers may not feel like visiting the street so often.

Save Netheredge Trees

This area of Sheffield is renowned for its beautiful tree-lined streets but 18 of these roads are set to lose one or more trees. 5,200+ have already signed the petition to save them. You can visit their website where you can find out more information.

There is also a separate petition for the irreplaceable Chelsea Road Elm, one of Nether Edge’s most significant trees.

These pictures are of Montgomery Road in Nether Edge. The top one is a real photo, taken in late March 2017.

This Photoshopped version of the same photo shows the scene with all the threatened, yellow-ribboned, trees removed. 11 trees are to be felled in total, all along one side of the road.

Save the Trees in Greenhill

Sadly Greenhill has been one of areas the city most affected by the removal of roadside trees. See Humphrey Road in Photographs: before and after.

Save Dore, Totley and Bradway Trees

Formed in August 2015 b local residents working hard here to protect seven iconic limes on Chatsworth Road and nineteen cherry blossom trees on Abbeydale Park Rise, along with other trees in Dore, Totley and Bradway. This area is also home to Vernon Oak, a handsome 150 year old oak with his own Twitter account.

Save the trees of Millhouses please (STOMP)

Millhouses is known for being one of Sheffield’s leafier suburbs, although with over 100 healthy trees threatened, or already destroyed, it may not enjoy this reputation for much longer.

670+ people have lent their support via the petition.

Save the Norfolk Park Trees

Save Norfolk Park Trees are campaigning to preserve their trees.  To join the email list contact:

Save the Trees of Firth Park

This group is helping to protect the healthy street trees in Firth Park that are at risk from felling.

Save the Burngreave and Pitsmoor Trees

This local group co-ordinates the defence of condemned trees in Pitsmoor and Burngreave.





The Felling – An Epic Tale of People Power

Innocent protest to save Sheffield’s healthy street trees turns into a nightmare, as a small group of brave suburbanites take on their Council, the police and a multinational corporation.

Crowdfunder: street trees legal fund

We are currently collecting to support the small number of campaigners who are facing court costs after cases brought by Sheffield City Council.

Heartwood TiCL trail

Walk the Heartwood Trail and find Robert Macfarlane’s beautiful charms against harm hung from some of Sheffield’s threatened Street Trees. Designed by Jackie Morris.

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