Sheffield trees in the news

STAG would like to take this opportunity to thank both local and national media for their ongoing interest in our cause. Here are some of the key articles and reports:

19th March 2021: Now Then – Fragile truce reached over street trees as important elections loom

11th March 2021: Yorkshire Post – Things have changed dramatically’ in Sheffield, says charity Woodland Trust as it hands over £200,000 to help plant trees across the city

28th February 2021: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council blames ‘exceptional pressure’ in apology for misleading residents over tree-felling work

4th November 2020: Sheffield Star – New Sheffield ‘street tree archive’ promised – but no public inquiry, says council leader

4th November 2020: Yorkshire Post – Council leader Julie Dore rules out inquiry into Sheffield tree scandal

19th October 2020: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield MP Olivia Blake ‘repeats apology’ for council’s tree-felling failures

17th October 2020: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council will consider inquiry into tree-felling scandal, senior politician says

15th October 2020: Daily Mail – Sheffield City Council is blasted by watchdog for its ‘dishonesty’ after publishing plans to fell thousands of trees at 04:30am… half an hour before workers started chopping them down

14th October 2020: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council misled public and acted with ‘lack of honesty’ over tree-felling scandal, damning investigation finds

15th July 2020: Sheffield Star – ‘Peace deal’ agreed as Sheffield tree-felling war ends after eight year battle

2nd April 2020: Forestry Journal – New strategy aims to protect Sheffield’s street trees for generations

11th March 2020: Yorkshire Post – New Sheffield street tree strategy bids to prevent repeat of bitter felling saga

5th March 2020: Sheffield Star – Sheffield Council members attempted to block emails about controversial tree felling plans from being released

29th January 2020: Doncaster Free Press – Tree felling suspended in Doncaster after barrister claims council may have ‘committed a criminal offence’

20th December 2019: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council admits ‘we got things wrong’ over tree-felling saga

12th December 2019: Yorkshire Post – Fresh questions for council over Sheffield tree saga after emergence of £15m ‘whopping deduction’ email: The Yorkshire Post says

11th December 2019: Sheffield Star – Newly released email reveals Sheffield Council had ‘financial interest’ in the felling of 5,400 street trees

25th July 2019: Yorkshire Post – Michael Gove promises new legislation to prevent repeat of Sheffield trees ‘travesty’

19th July 2019: Yorkshire Post – Five damning findings from the Sheffield trees investigation

15th July 2019: Yorkshire Post – Top Sheffield councillor says sorry over city’s tree-felling saga

10th July 2019: Sheffield Star – Almost 200 trees saved after being re-inspected

10th July 2019: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield protesters ‘vindicated’ after council u-turn on axing 200 trees

23rd May 2019: Yorkshire Post – “Our Trees on Radio 4, Radio Time letter
No evidence for police claim that ‘professional’ Sheffield tree protesters were trying to injure workers

20th May 2019: Yorkshire Post – Over 130,000 new trees to be planted in cities and towns in wake of Sheffield felling saga

Read STAG’s response to this announcement.

16th April 2019: Yorkshire Post – Police wanted to push for prosecutions of Sheffield tree protesters over operation costs

15th April 2019: Yorkshire Post – Police’s secret media strategy with council over Sheffield trees operation exposed

15th April 2019: Yorkshire Post – The Yorkshire Post says: Full inquiry needed after Sheffield tree scandal hits new low

15th March 2019: Yorkshire Post – Amey prepares settlement after £32m legal claim over Sheffield roads scheme delays

27th February 2019: Sheffield Star – Tree campaigner says apology from Sheffield Council is “insincere”

27th February 2019: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council blames ‘exceptional pressure’ in apology for misleading residents over tree-felling work

11th February 2019: Sheffield Star – Sheffield Council to apologise after residents ‘deliberately’ misled about tree-felling report

8th February 2019: Yorkshire Post – The Yorkshire Post says: The Sheffield tree scandal and echoes of dark Orgreave days

7th February 2019: Yorkshire Post – No proof for ‘lurid’ allegations against Sheffield tree campaigners made in panel’s police review

4th February 2019: The Guardian – Sheffield tree protesters win wrongful arrest payout

4th February 2019: Sheffield Star – Sheffield tree campaigners awarded £24k over wrongful arrests in out-of-court settlement ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

4th February 2019: BBC News – Sheffield tree protesters win wrongful arrest payout

14th January 2019: Sheffield Star – New Sheffield tree inspections to begin in attempt to save dozens from the chop

14th January 2019: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield tree campaigners reject Council’s compromise plan after ‘storm of feedback’

3rd January 2019: Yorkshire Post – YP Letters: Sheffield tree saga has led to Government action

31st December 2018: Yorkshire Post Sheffield campaigners welcome new measures to protect nation’s urban trees

30th December 2018: The Independent – Councils could be banned from felling trees without consulting locals after three years of Sheffield protests

13th December 2018: The Guardian – Sheffield council holds out olive branch over tree-felling plans

13th December 2018: Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust – Response to Council street trees statement

13th December 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council to fell fewer street trees in bid to resolve bitter dispute.

25th October 2018: Spital Hill Echo – A Burngreave man with terminal cancer speaks out about Sheffield tree felling

24th October 2018: Sheffield Star – Confusion over Sheffield tree felling continues

24th October 2018: The Guardian – Sheffield council proposes deal to cut down fewer trees

24th October 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield trees: Council offers up new plan to fell fewer street trees after mediation talks with campaigners

18th October 2018: Yorkshire Post – New advice for councils after Sheffield tree-felling controversy

15th October 2018: International Tree Foundation ‘Tree Journal’ – Saving Sheffield’s Trees

“saving sheffield's trees28th September 2018: Sheffield Star – Sheffield Council and STAG to compromise over trees

19th September 2018: Sheffield Star – Fallen tree sparks new war of words in Sheffield felling saga

10th September 2018: Sheffield Star – New street tree festival planned for Sheffield

4th September 2018: Sheffield Star – Sheffield Council spends £400,000 on legal battles with tree campaigners

31st August 2018: BBC News – ‘No grounds’ for Sheffield tree protest arrests IOPC says

31st August 2018: Public Sector Focus – Sheffield Trees – a Modern Morality Tale for Local Authorities

25th August 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council ‘has no obligation to axe 17,500 trees despite contract payment’

17th August 2018: De Volkskrant – Bomenoorlog in Sheffield: 17.500 bomen ter dood veroordeeld, maar de buurt komt in actie (Trees war in Sheffield: 17,500 trees sentenced to death, but the neighborhood comes into action)

7th August 2018: Sheffield Star – Bishop to chair talks to resolve Sheffield’s street tree stand-off

3rd August 2018: Sheffield Star – Crowdfund launched for tree protesters court costs

3rd August 2018: ECOS (The British Association of Nature Conservationists)  – ‘The city that hates trees’ standing up to the Sheffield street-tree slaughter

2nd August 2018: International Tree Foundation – ITF stands in solidarity with tree protesters in Sheffield

30th July 2018: ICF Chartered Forester Magazine  – Sheffield’s shame; Arboriculture’s gain

27th July 2018: The Canary – Sheffield’s Labour council has just been ‘shredded’ in a film about the tree saga

27th July 2018: Yorkshire Post – Tree truth needed. Questions over Sheffield Council finances

17th July 2018: The Canary – ‘Shameless’ Sheffield Council just tried to trample over basic civil rights

13th July 2018: Sheffield Star – Sheffield tree felling campaigners pin hopes on injunction compromise

12th July 2018: Yorkshire Post – Up to 300 Sheffield trees could be saved from axe in council ‘compromise’

12th July 2018: Yorkshire Post – Lewis Dagnall: The future of Sheffield tree controversy is rooted in compromise

11th July 2018: Jersey Evening Post – Legal cost of action against protesters over tree felling reaches £75000

11th July 2018: Woodland Trust – Update on the Sheffield tree felling scheme

11th July 2018: Shropshire Star – Legal cost of action against protestors over tree-felling reaches £75,000

10th July 2018: Medium – Papers, please: Sheffield council to demand residents carry ID

10th July 2018: The Ecologist – Sheffield tree protectors have changed the nation’s view of street trees

5th July 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council tree boss rejects call to stop bid for three-year extension to protest injunctions

29th June 2018: The Independent – Council ‘reliant on police’ to enable workers to carry out controversial tree felling programme, report says

28th June 2018: Office of the South Yorkshire
Police and Crime Commissioner – Independent Report Makes Recommendations into Policing of Tree Protests in Sheffield

27th June 2018: The Guardian –  ‘There is no oak left’: are Britain’s trees disappearing?

23rd June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Forestry Commission puts Sheffield Council’s tree-felling scheme under investigation

23rd June 2018: Yorkshire Post –  Government ‘tree champion’ makes Sheffield saga a priority after ‘unprecedented’ protests

22nd June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council seeks to extend tree protest injunction for three years

22nd June 2018: BBC News – Sheffield council wants longer injunction against tree protesters

21st June 2018: The Mirror – Chris Packham: Love of trees is in our roots, we must stop the culls now

21st June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Judge dismisses council’s application to send Sheffield tree protester to jail

21st June 2018: BBC News – Sheffield tree protester contempt case dismissed

20th June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council’s ‘pointless’ tree-felling panel cost taxpayers over £830,000

18th June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council pays £700,000 compensation bill for tree-felling delays

14th June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Grassroots campaign getting book celebrating ‘lost words’ of nature into hundreds of Yorkshire schools

13th June 2018: Daily Mail – Tsar to save UK trees: Councils will be told to stop needless felling and increase planting

10th June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council unable to explain financial impact of changing 17,500 tree replacement target

7th June 2018: The Guardian – Protesters trying to save Sheffield street trees avoid jail

7th June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Two Sheffield tree campaigners given suspended prison sentences for breaching protest injunctions

5th June 2018: BBC News – Sheffield council ‘wants tree protest citizens jailed’

5th June 2018: The Guardian – Sheffield council leader backs case against tree protesters, court told

5th June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council leader ‘positively agreed’ with authority’s effort to send tree campaigners to jail

4th June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Woodland Trust attacks Sheffield Council over ‘suspicious’ tree secrecy

4th June 2018: Public Sector Executive – Sheffield council rejects over a third of Amey-related FOI requests in last three years

3rd June 2018: Sunday Times – Sunday Times investigation: 110,000 trees lost to council axemen

3rd June 2018: All Things Trees – Trees Vs Politics – how to fight dirty

2nd June 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council blames ‘intimidating and violent’ protesters for latest secrecy over trees

Summer 2018 – The Arb Magazine – Sheffield’s street tree management Streets ahead or years behind?

23rd May 2018: Yorkshire Post – Michael Gove: Sheffield City Council ‘in thrall’ over tree-felling

22nd May 2018: Yorkshire Post – Video: Michael Gove clashes with Sheffield MP Clive Betts in Commons over city’s tree-felling programme

22nd May 2018: Sheffield Star – Sheffield tree campaigners due in court charged with injunction breach

22nd May 2018: Medium – 6 AM fellings and attempts to jail protestors: this is not a fresh approach

16th May 2018: Sheffield Star – Sheffield’s Vernon Oak part of book fundraising campaign for city primary schools

16th May 2018: Yorkshire Post – Read the Highway Tree Replacement Policy in full

16th May 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council challenged to prove ‘last resort’ claims on tree-felling after contract revelation

16th May 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council’s secret policy for tree-felling revealed

10th May 2018: Yorkshire Post – New Sheffield trees political boss promises ‘compromise’ with campaigners

10th May 2018: Woodland Trust – Street Fighters

9th May 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield councillor overseeing controversial tree felling scheme steps down

3rd May 2018: Shef News – Amey broke health and safety law nine months after being warned about their record

2nd May 2018: I News – Local elections 2018: Could anger over tree felling chop Labour’s majority in Sheffield?

30th April 2018: History Workshop – The Sheffield Chainsaw Massacre in Historical Perspective

27th April 2018: The Ecologist – Chris Packham visits Sheffield with tree experts as felling furore continues

25th April 2018: Sheffield StarGrowing concerns lead to rethink over trees for Sheffield’s war dead

25th April 2018: The Canary – Sheffield City Council stands accused of carrying out ‘illegal’ surveillance on residents

23rd April 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council accused of ‘fabrication’ of tree strategy cited in court case

23rd April 2018: Mediapart – Les habitants de Sheffield en passe de remporter la bataille des arbres (translationThe residents of Sheffield on the brink of winning the battle of the trees)

22nd April 2018: Ian’s Walk on the Wild Side – Chris Packham in Sheffield to see for himself ……

20th April 2018: Yorkshire Post – Police spent £47,000 on overtime for Sheffield tree-felling operations in one month

19th April 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council keeps tree-felling policy secret – claiming move is for the ‘greater good’

14th April 2018: Joanna Dobson – Of Street Trees and Solastalgia

13th April 2018: The Ecologist  – ‘It’s more economic to cut down a tree than maintain it for twenty years

8th April 2018: Sunday Times – Once more unto the beech in Sheffield tree war

7th April 2018: Yorkshire Post – Clive Anderson: Sheffield needlessly takes an axe to its own reputation

7th April 2018: Daily Mail – Among the common people! Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker returns to his hometown to support Sheffield’s anti-tree felling rally

7th April 2018: Southern Daily Echo – Tree protesters occupy council chamber

6th April 2018: Yorkshire Post – Matthew Flinders: Tree saga lays bare roots of distrust in local politics

5th April 2018: The Canary – Sheffield just came out in force to stop 99 years of history being hacked away

3rd April 2018: Time Literary Supplement – No tears to flow

3rd April 2018: Yorkshire Post – Jarvis Cocker to speak at major Sheffield tree protest rally this weekend

2nd April 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council accused of ‘grossly overestimating’ cost of saving historic oak tree

1st April 2018: OUP blog – The death of democracy in Stump City

29th March 2018: The Nature of Cities – The Sheffield Street Tree Massacre: Notes from a Public-Private Partnership Gone Wrong

29th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield union leaders urge rethink on tree-felling in U-turn over protest campaign

29th March 2018: Financial Times – Tree-hugging protesters take back control in Sheffield

27th March 2018: Sheffield Star – ‘Case closed’ against Sheffield tree campaigners accused of poisoning council staff

27th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – Government won’t step in over Sheffield trees row despite £1.2bn investment in PFI deal

27th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – The Yorkshire Post says: Don’t blame the tree protesters – Sheffield Council in a deeper hole

27th March 2018: Southern Daily Echo – Sheffield council announces pause in controversial tree-felling programme

26th March 2018: Trees for Cities – Felling of Sheffield trees pauses offering a chance to review the evidence

26th March 2018: The Guardian – Sheffield council pauses tree-felling scheme after criticism

23rd March 2018: Yorkshire Post – Jeremy Corbyn ‘backs calls for Sheffield tree-felling work to be paused’

23rd March 2018: Open Democracy – Of Sheffield tree protests, corporate power, and South Yorkshire Police

23rd March 2018: The Guardian – Sheffield tree protester arrested for playing plastic trumpet

22nd March 2018: BBC News – The city at war over its trees

20th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council confirms contract containing 17,500 tree-felling figure won’t be changed

18th March 2018: The Guardian – When Jarvis Cocker and Michael Gove join forces something is definitely amiss

14th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – Two Sheffield MPs call for halt to tree-felling work in city as pressure grows on council

12th March 2018: The Big Issue – Paul McNamee: Pay attention because the roots spread to us all

12th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – The Yorkshire Post says: Why the secrecy? Trust erodes over Sheffield tree scandal

10th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council forced to reveal target to remove 17,500 street trees under PFI deal

8th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – The battle to save Sheffield’s trees: Six years on and the fight continues… here’s what you need to know

8th March 2018: Yorkshire Post – Two arrested in Sheffield tree protest as police in riot helmets remove campaigner from under vehicle

7th March 2018: Sheffield Star –  Police to continue having ‘appropriate’ number of officers at Sheffield tree felling sites ‘to ensure safety’

6th March 2018: Yorkshire Post –  The Yorkshire Post says: Answer these questions, Chief Constable, over police response to Sheffield tree protests

6th March 2018: Medium – Nicola needed to get to hospital. Tree felling barriers blocked the way.

5th March 2018: Sheffield Star – Standoff on ‘street of lights’ as Sheffield tree felling work continues

“Massive police action based on lies26th February 2018: Medium – Massive police action based on lies

25th February 2018: The Guardian – For the chop: the battle to save Sheffield’s trees

23rd February 2018: Sheffield Star – Sheffield tree campaigners vow to continue protests despite ‘regrettable’ drain on police resources

23rd February 2018: Sheffield Star – Tree felling set to start again in Sheffield

12th February 2018: Future Arch – Streets Ahead?

12th February 2018: Southern Daily Echo – Contractors prevented from working on controversial Sheffield elm by protest

8th February 2018: Southern Daily Echo – Tree protesters occupy council chamber for five hours

7th February 2018: Yorkshire Post – VIDEO: Protesters occupy Sheffield council chamber over controversial tree felling programme and stage all night sit-in

7th February 2018: Evening Express – Tree protesters occupy council chamber

5th February 2018: Sheffield Star – Pause on tree felling works across Sheffield enters third week

5th February 2018: Sheffield Star – Newly-resurfaced Sheffield roads turning into “death traps” in wintry weather

5th February 2018: Now Then – Stumped: The Battle for Sheffield’s Street Trees

2nd February 2018: Sheffield Star – Campaigners claim it would be “unsustainable” to continue with Sheffield tree felling works

30th January 2018: BBC News – New call for independent review on Sheffield trees

26th January 2018: New Civil Engineer Amey halts Sheffield trees work after assault allegations

25th January 2018: Sheffield Star – Police investigating as workers fall ill after being given tea by resident while felling trees in Sheffield

25th January 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield tree-felling work ‘paused’ after assault allegations involving demonstrators and Amey staff

22nd January 2018: Sheffield Star – ‘Completely unsustainable’ – Sheffield MP calls on council contractor to halt tree felling pending further investigation

21st January 2018: Medium – Amey and Sheffield City Council Have No Respect for DemocracyLies, Violence and Spurious Arrests in Sheffield

19th January 2018: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield tree campaigners believe new evidence shows controversial PFI contract could be ended for free

18th January 2018: Medium – Amey and Sheffield City Council Have No Respect for Democracy

18th January 2018: Sheffield Star – Council bosses silence rumours Sheffield taxpayers will continue to pay off Amey PFI deal “20 years after contract finishes”

17th January 2018: The Planner – Streets ahead, or one step behind in Sheffield?

12th January 2018: Huffington Post – Apparently, we don’t have property rights in Sheffield

21st December 2017: Sheffield Telegraph – Residents count the cost of city’s crumbling pavements

12th December 2017: Huffington Post – Sheffield council destroys Christmas on Abbeydale Park Rise

10th December 2017: Huffington Post – Increasingly desperate, Amey and Acorn drop all concern for safety in Sheffield

8th December: Forces Network – Leaf It Out! Fight To Save WW1 Memorial Trees

7th December: Sheffield Telegraph – Column: Campaigners will continue to fight for their trees and their festive lights

7th December 2017: The Times – Gove accuses councils of vandalism over tree felling

6th December 2017: Daily Mail – Row of trees planted in memory of group of First World War heroes are set to be cut down after council ignores public pleas to save them

6th December 2017: Sheffield Star – Campaigners contest ‘jacked-up’ £500,000 figure to save war memorial trees in Sheffield

5th December 2017: Sheffield Star – War memorial trees in Sheffield ‘would cost £500,000 to save’

4th December 2017: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council ‘would consider ending PFI contract after tree furore’

“Private Eye 1460

30th November 2017: Huffington Post – Lawlessness on the Streets of Sheffield

21st November 2017: New Civil Engineer – Insight | Engineers wade in to Sheffield trees debate

16th November 2017: Sheffield Telegraph – Special Report: Masks, film and bitterness in city tree war

10th November 2017: Huffington Post – Sheffield Council: Deceptive or Stunningly Incompetent?

7th November 2017: Sheffield Star – Tree campaigners hope for ‘trust and positive atmosphere’ ahead of Sheffield Council talks

3rd November 2017: BBC News – Sheffield tree campaigner sentenced for injunction breach

3rd November 2017: The Guardian – Sheffield tree protester given suspended jail sentence

30th October 2017: New Statesman – Welcome to Sheffield – where the council takes you to court for defending trees

29th October 2017: Eco Hustler – Love Pushes People to Protect Sheffield’s Street Trees

29th October 2017: The Guardian – ‘Mass painting’ to call for preservation of WWI memorial trees in Sheffield

28th October 2017: The London Economic – Green campaigner is facing up to two years in jail for direct action against tree felling

27th October 2017: ITV – Sheffield trees campaigner faces jail for flouting injunction

27th October 2017: The Guardian – Sheffield councillor cleared of breaching tree-felling order

26th October 2017: The Guardian – Root and branch opposition to Sheffield tree plan [Cllr. Bryan Lodge responds to George Monbiot’s Guardian article of 24th October 2017 – below]

24th October 2017: The Guardian – Clare in the community: stumped in Sheffield

24th October 2017: The Guardian – Look to Sheffield: this is how state and corporate power subverts democracy

24th October 2017: Jonathon Porrit – Why Sheffield’s Trees Matter – to All of Us!

21st October 2017: Sheffield Spark –VIDEO: Funeral hearse leads hundreds of campaigners in tree felling protest at Sheffield City Hall

20th October 2017: Sheffield Star – Campaigners ready to show anger at Sheffield tree fellings during hearse-led ‘funeral’ procession

18th October 2017: Twitter –  Trees for Cities offer to pay for the solution to retain Vernon Oak.

16th October 2017: Twitter – Joint statement issued by Trees for Cities and the Woodland Trust

16th October 2017: The London Economic – Activist scales iconic 150yo tree in bid to save it from felling as long-standing tree row continues

14th October 2017: Sheffield Star – TV presenter Vernon Kay posts video in support to save Sheffield tree due for the chop

13th October 2017: Huffington Post – The Sheffield Tree Battle Enters a Disturbing New Phase

11th October 2017: Sheffield Star – Council reveals more details of plans to freshen up Sheffield’s public spaces

9th October 2017: Landscape Institute – Streets ahead? Tree felling in Sheffield – a landscape perspective

5th October 2017: ITV News – Labour MP backs petition calling for Jeremy Corbyn to act over tree felling

2nd October 2017: Sheffield Star – Letters: What the Judge really said

2nd October 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield councillor threatened with prison for alleged tree injunction breach

1st October 2017: Huffington Post – Labour: End the Sheffield Trees PFI

28th September 2017 : Yorkshire Post – Protesters prevent ‘Michael Gove’s tree’ from being felled in Sheffield

28th September 2017 : The Guardian – Michael Gove seeking way to end ‘bonkers’ felling of Sheffield trees

27th September 2017 : Yorkshire Post – The Yorkshire Post says: Gove is right – it’s time Sheffield Council listened to the will of the people on tree felling

27th September 2017 : Yorkshire Post – Michael Gove calls for end to ‘bonkers’ Sheffield tree felling plan during visit to city

23rd September 2017 : Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council facing financial penalty of millions after delays caused by tree panel consultations

14th September 2017: Huffington Post – How Democracy Commits Suicide: The Sheffield Trees, And The Corporate Takeover Of Local Government

13th September 2017: Sheffield Star – Public anger despite council pledges ahead of key decision on Sheffield war memorial trees

11th September 2017: The Guardian – Put a price on urban trees – and halt this chainsaw massacre

7th September 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield elm ‘will be felled’ says council, despite MP’s reassurance

7th September 2017: Horticulture Week – Threatened Sheffield street trees “worth £11.4m”

5th September 2017: The Canary – People are calling on Corbyn to intervene in a crisis that’s even seen pensioners arrested

29th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Campaigner calls on Jeremy Corbyn to help solve Sheffield tree ‘crisis’


25th August 2017: The Guardian – Save our trees: share photos of the trees you love in your neighbourhood

24th August 2017: Yorkshire Post – Council admits costs of Sheffield tree protests should fall on PFI firm – not taxpayers

23rd August 2017: The Guardian – Sheffield tree protesters blockade council depot as injunction begins

18th August 2017: The Woodland Trust – Trees and the steel city, what’s gone wrong?

18th August 2017: Financial Times – Sheffield fears tree-felling PFI fight will cost millions

16th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield Council to pursue tree campaigners for damages and £150,000 legal costs

15th August 2017: Daily Mail – Protesters considering next move after losing tree-felling High Court battle

15th August 2017: The Canary – A court has ruled that a council’s ‘outrageous’ policy is legal. And it’s so bad even Michael Gove objects to it

15th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Tree fight ‘will continue’ despite injunction ruling, say Sheffield campaigners

14th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Halt to Sheffield tree felling requested by Michael Gove ‘would hit city taxpayers’, says council

14th August 2017: Sheffield Telegraph – Telegraph Voices

14th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Gove urges Sheffield City Council to ‘listen to the people’ in tree-felling row

12th August 2017: The Guardian – The council pays me to protect trees from destruction – but for how long?

11th August 2017: Daily Mail – Chopping down trees is wrecking our children’s futures, says Gove

11th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Woodland Trust refutes Sheffield Council’s claim charity is ‘working with’ authority on tree-felling

10th August 2017: Yorkshire Post – Stopping Sheffield tree-felling ‘would be morally reprehensible’, claims council and Sheffield City Council’s response to Michael Gove.

10th August 2017: BBC News – Michael Gove calls for end to Sheffield tree felling scheme

10th August 2017: The Economist – Suburban warfare: Tree fights in Sheffield

10th August 2017: The Guardian – Michael Gove demands end to Sheffield tree-felling programme

10th August 2017: Yorkshire Post – The Yorkshire Post Says: Time for Sheffield Council to heed Gove’s tree felling warning

10th August 2017: Yorkshire Post – IN FULL: Read the letter demanding the end of tree felling Michael Gove sent to Sheffield Council

10th August 2017: Yorkshire Post – Exclusive – Michael Gove demands end to Sheffield tree-felling

8th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Someone, somewhere has power to fix mess

7th August 2017: Sheffield Star – Fight to save rare elm could take Sheffield tree campaigners to court once more

7th August 2017: ITV News – Christmas lights come early for endangered Sheffield trees

31st July 2017: – Call for transparency over Yorkshire councils’ £13bn PFI contracts

28th July 2017: Yorkshire Post – Campaigners and Sheffield City Council chiefs face wait for ruling on tree protest injuctions

28th July 2017: Yorkshire Post – Council applies for injunctions to stop trio holding up road-side tree removal

27th July 2017: Yorkshire Post – ‘Sheffield Council ‘unaware’ of company’s corporate manslaughter conviction before signing two BILLION pound contract’
(Due to court mixup, not the fault of Yorkshire Post, there was an error in this article. The conviction was NOT for corporate manslaughter but for maintenance failures implicated in the death of a worker) 

27th July 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield street of memorial trees ‘should be restored to original concept’

26th July 2017: Yorkshire Post – Sheffield’s ‘tree three’ accuse council of being influenced by corporate sector in felling dispute

18th July 2017: Twitter – ‘No reason to fell…’

17th July 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield City Council withdraws interim injunction application against tree protesters, pending trial

17th July 2017: The Daily Mail – Tree-mageddon! How 300 town trees are being felled a week

8th July 2017: Yorkshire Post – Money at the root of ill will as council menaces tree protesters

8th July 2017: The Daily Mail – The chainsaw massacre: It’s survived two World Wars and Dutch Elm disease but now council jobsworths want to fell Britain’s second favourite tree

5th July 2017: Sheffield Star – Letters: heavy-handed tactics forcing me to protest

1st July 2017: Yorkshire Post – ‘End tree protests or face prison and damages’ – Sheffield Council’s warning to campaigners

29th June 2017: Sheffield Star – Rare tree voted second best in England to be felled

28th June 2017: The Woodland Trust- Sheffield Council decides to fell iconic elm

27th June 2017: The Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council threatens ‘Stalinist’ legal action against own councillor and other tree campaigners

27th June 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield Council threatens legal action against own councillor and other tree campaigners

27th June 2017: BBC News – Sheffield Council legal threat to tree protest councillor

7th June 2017: Sheffield Star – Council orders Christmas decorations to be removed as part of unique protest in Sheffield street

27th May 2017: Yorkshire Post – Yorkshire tree-felling firm employing bouncers to manage protesters

12th May 2017: Sheffield Star – Tree-felling panel expected to cost Sheffield tax-payers at least £1m

9th May 2017: Sheffield Star – Tree campaigners defend actions after dispute with Sheffield residents

19th April 2017: Daily Mail –Tree-mageddon! How 300 town trees are being felled a week by elf ‘n’ safety jobsworths who say it’s cheaper to chop them than maintain them

17th April 2017: Sheffield Star – Tree protesters call on Sheffield Council to debate them over felling programme

11th April 2017: Twitter – Save Sheffield Trees Thunderclap

23rd March 2017: Sheffield Star – Call for Sheffield Council to reveal more of Streets Ahead contract

23rd March 2017: Sheffield Telegraph – Tree campaigners to sue police over arrests

15th March 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield tree protestors will ‘no longer face arrest’

6th March 2017: Sheffield Telegraph – Tree Charity will not work with Council until felling stopped

26th February 2017: The Guardian – Call to investigate arrest of protesters in
Sheffield tree-felling battle

25th February 2017: Channel 4 – Sheffield’s felled trees

26th January 2017: The Guardian – Case against Sheffield tree protestors is dropped

23rd January 2017: The Guardian – Message to the Sheffield tree fellers

20th January 2017: The Guardian – Jarvis Cocker fronts campaign to save Sheffield trees

7th January 2017: Sheffield Star – Sheffield tree protestors to wrap Town Hall in yellow ribbon in protest

4th January 2017: The One Show, BBC 1 – Coverage of tree campaign

2nd January 2017: The Guardian – Sheffield tree activists vow to protect ‘jewel in the crown’

8th December 2016: The Guardian – Sheffield council leader ignores calls to resign over 5am tree felling operation

8th December 2016: Sheffield Star – Secret plan to remove Rustlings Road trees made by Sheffield Council and police one month before raid

1st December 2016: The Guardian – Editorial – Sheffield’s trees decline and fall

28th November 2016: The Guardian – Sheffield trees dispute prompts ‘scenes you’d expect in Putin’s Russia’

28th November 2016: Sheffield Star – Letters – Tree felling driven by Amey profit

28th November 2016: Sheffield Star – Labour members demand tree felling assurances from Sheffield Council leader

21st November 2016: The Guardian – A dawn raid, dissenters silenced: is this a war on trees?

17th November 2016: Sheffield Star – Three arrested in tree felling protest on Sheffield street

12th October 2016: The Guardian – The importance of urban forests: why money really does grow on trees

12th September 2016: Sheffield Star – Letters – Worthy of trust?

12th September 2016: BBC News – Elm tree makes ‘Tree of The Year’ nominations

4th August 2016: The Guardian – Tree-saving campaign focuses eyes on the white-letter hairstreak

28th July 2016: The Woodland Trust – Save the Elm (audio recording)

28th July 2016: Ian’s Walk on the Wild Side – All aboard for the Hairstreak Express to High Huntingdon Elm

27th July 2016: Sheffield Star – Chance to see rare butterfly in under-threat Sheffield elm tree

14th April 2016: Sheffield Star – TREES: Lord asks parliament to change law to stop Sheffield tree axe

23rd March 2016: Sheffield Star – Sheffield tree felling can legally resume but council pledge not to

22nd March 2016: The Independent – Sheffield Tree Felling case Reaches High Court

6th March 2016: Daily Mail – The chainsaw massacre!

10th February 2016: BBC News – Nick Clegg brands tree-felling ‘national scandal’

10th February 2016: Sheffield Star – Today’s columnist, Alison Teal: People deserve to know

9th February 2016: The Daily Mail – The chainsaw massacre! Council fells 3,000 trees in England’s greenest city in a bid to save money… 

8th February 2016: Sheffield Star – High Court pauses Sheffield tree felling for three months

8th February 2016: The Guardian – Democracy Felled

8th February 2016: Sheffield Star – Campaigners say axing trees is profit before Sheffield health

5th February 2016: BBC Radio 2 –  STAG campaign on Jeremy Vine Show

14th January 2016: Horticulture Week – Barrell on…Residents let down by tree loss in Sheffield

11th January 2016: The Guardian – Rare UK butterfly under threat as elms disappear

3rd January 2016: Sheffield Star – Protestors fight felling of ‘extremely rare’ Sheffield Elm tree

19th November 2015: Sheffield Star – ‘What happened to us keeping it green?’ Sheffield stars Toddla T and Coco back city’s tree campaign

18th November 2015: Sheffield Star – New branch of tree felling row as 31 trees set for axe on Sheffield road

14th November 2015: Sheffield Star – Hundreds of Sheffield protesters march against tree felling

2nd November 2015: Ian’ Walk on the Wild Side – Sheffield Hallam University: 6 reasons to stop the ‘Sheffield chainsaw massacre’

17th October 2015: The Independent – Sheffield residents in bitter row with council over tree-felling proposals

12th October 2015: BBC Radio 4 –  You and Yours

7th October 2015: Sheffield Star – Tree campaigners call for urgent action after Sheffield Council chief’s views secretly recorded

16th September 2015: Sheffield Star – Letters: The Great Sheffield Chainsaw Massacre

14th September 2015: The Woodland Trust – Sheffield street tree massacre

2nd September 2015: Sheffield Star – Letters: Highway Trees Forum

29th August 2015: Sheffield Star – Answers needed on tree felling evidence as Sheffield row grows

29th August 2015: Sheffield Star – ‘Carnage’ fears as protesters fight felling of more Sheffield trees

15th August 2015: The Guardian – Introducing ‘treeconomics’: how street trees can save our cities

1st July 2015: Sheffield Star – SHEFFIELD TREES: We will carry on our fight, campaigners vow after no action taken on 10,000-strong petition

23rd June 2014: The Sheffield Telegraph – Anger at Sheffield trees cull

15th February 2013: Sheffield Star – Biggest ever scheme to improve Sheffield’s 36,000 street trees

13th November 2012: Local Gov – Steel city highways to be ‘streets ahead’ under PFI

The Felling – An Epic Tale of People Power

Innocent protest to save Sheffield’s healthy street trees turns into a nightmare, as a small group of brave suburbanites take on their Council, the police and a multinational corporation.

Crowdfunder: street trees legal fund

We are currently collecting to support the small number of campaigners who are facing court costs after cases brought by Sheffield City Council.

Heartwood TiCL trail

Walk the Heartwood Trail and find Robert Macfarlane’s beautiful charms against harm hung from some of Sheffield’s threatened Street Trees. Designed by Jackie Morris.

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