Sheffield Tree Action Groups

STAG is a non party-political umbrella-group representing  local tree action groups created citywide to save healthy street trees. Sheffield’s trees are being needlessly felled under the top-secret ‘Streets Ahead’ highway renewal PFI contract, run by Amey on behalf of Sheffield City Council, as seen in these ‘before and after’ photos.  What we want is a more considered and expert-led approach to the management and guardianship of the city’s street trees, for the long-term benefit of both residents and the environment.  See what the experts say in support of STAG’s position.

“12 reasons to love street trees

The Council claim felling is a ‘last resort’. The contract includes several common, low-cost methods for repairing pavements without felling trees. However, an investigation by the Information Commissioner found that these are not being used, even though they have been paid for. Trees with many decades to live have been destroyed, ignoring the advice of SCC’s own Independent Tree-Panel and maximising Amey’s profits. 5,000+ trees have already gone and another 1,000 are at immediate risk, with a combined value of £60 million.

Read about the campaign’s history, our blog, catch up with press coverage and discover the key facts to understand why this issue matters to everyone in Sheffield. There are many ways to get involved: sign the petitions, chat on STAG’s Facebook page and share campaign leaflets with family, friends and neighbours.

Help Sheffield’s ‘urban forest’ – say ‘no’ to felling healthy trees.

Latest developments

“STAG meeting with Police & Crime Commissioner
Outcome of citywide TPO request

Despite being looked upon favourably, a determined attempt to have all of Sheffield’s street trees granted Tree Preservation Orders has been unsuccessful.  

Butterfly Conservation release statement

Butterfly Conservation have made a statement criticising the Council’s plans to prune the Chelsea Road Elm and relocate the eggs of the rare White-letter Hairstreak butterfly.

Online petitions

4000+ have signed the petition to rescind the ‘Streets Ahead’ PFI contract with Amey Hallam Highways Ltd.

Jeremy Corbyn: please mediate the Sheffield trees crisis Please add your voice to the 11,000+ who have already signed.

Documentary film fundraiser

‘Tales from Stump City” is a documentary being made by Jaq Pixelwitch.  Please make a donation to help fund the continuation of her valuable work.

Sheffield Trees at Risk Map lists threatened trees by location. Click on the icon in the top left hand corner of the map below to see the different information layers.