Sheffield Tree Action Groups

5,500 of Sheffield’s street trees have been chopped down in the last five years – another 12,000 will go over the next 20 years.

STAG is a non-party political ‘umbrella-group’ of local tree action groups that have sprung up citywide. Healthy trees are being ‘replaced’ as part of the ‘Streets Ahead’ highways PFI contract, run by Amey Plc on behalf of Sheffield City Council.  These ‘before and after’ photos show the impact on major roads, Council housing estates, and affluent and modest suburbs alike.

Forced publication of the contract has revealed a target to replace 17,500 (or half) of Sheffield’s street trees.  Although renewing street trees is vital work, to cut down so many in such a short space of time is ecological vandalism.  What we want is a an expert-led approach to the management of the city’s street trees, for the long-term benefit of Sheffield’s people and our natural environment.  See what the experts say in support of STAG’s position.

“12 reasons to love street trees

Trees with many decades to live are being destroyed, ignoring the advice of the Council’s own Independent Tree-Panel and maximising Amey’s profits.  The value of trees already lost is approximately £60 million – unless we can stop the Sheffield Chainsaw Massacre the final figure will be many times higher.

Read about the campaign’s history, our blog, catch up with press coverage and discover the key facts to understand why this issue matters to everyone in Sheffield. There are many ways to get involved: sign the petitions, chat on STAG’s Facebook page and share campaign leaflets with family, friends and neighbours.

Help save Sheffield’s ‘urban forest’ – say ‘no’ to felling healthy trees.

Latest developments

It has been revealed that the Council’s secret Tree Replacement document, which forms the guidance for the felling and replacement of many thousands of trees, fills a mere one and a half pages.  It makes no mention of the 6Ds used to justify felling and the much talked about engineering solutions are also curiously absent.  More on this emerging story here.
“Street Fighters

The Woodland Trust meet some of the people behind the Sheffield Street Tree campaign as part of their Street Fighters feature on urban tree activism.

Online petitions

2600+ have supported our request to Acorn Environmental Management Group: stop chopping Sheffield’s healthy street trees.

10500+ have signed the petition to rescind the ‘Streets Ahead’ PFI contract with Amey Hallam Highways Ltd.

Jeremy Corbyn: please mediate the Sheffield trees crisis Please add your voice to the 12,000+ who have already signed.

Sheffield Trees at Risk Map lists threatened trees by location. Click on the icon in the top left hand corner of the map below to see the different information layers.