STAG Meeting notes: 1st December 2020

1. The 309 Core Investment Period Trees

1.1 Paul S contacted Karen Ramsey at SCC to get clear information on what is happening about these trees.

1.2 She stated that Joint Investigations on the 40 or so trees still to be investigated will re-start sometime in January.

1.3 Amey will set up a meeting soon to discuss the current 5 or so trees they still want to fell.

1.4 The publication of the findings of all the trees already investigated is with David Wain in SCC to sign off.

1.4 Paul S has reported this back to SNET members. He will give it another two weeks before asking Karen for her support again.

2. Progress towards creating “Future STAG”

2.1 Chris Rust has stepped in to do what is needed. The draft constitution for “Future STAG” was agreed by existing Steering Group members a number of weeks ago now.

2.2 In the last week, Chris has also drafted: 

– A number of versions of a letter to go out to various different groups of people inviting them to join Future STAG

– A membership sign up form

– A timeline that aims to be the guiding plan to take the Future STAG to its first AGM in roughly April, at which point a new Elected Committee would be elected, and existing Steering Group members would stand down.

2.3 SG thanked Chris for his hard work.

3. Progress towards mitigating the impact of the SNET bank account closing

3.1 At the last Steering Group meeting, it had been confirmed that it was very difficult under Covid-19 for community groups to set up new bank accounts.

3.2 With the SNET bank account closing down by mid-January at the latest, which holds two pots of STAG funds, Rebecca and Heather had been tasked to work with Chris to put in place mitigations to ensure those two pots could be given to STAG safely. It was important to ensure there was sufficient documentation to allow funds to be transferred to the account which already currently holds the STAG General Fund. This documentation needs to provide sufficient protection for the signatories of the SNET account, existing STAG Steering Group members, and Future STAG Steering Group members.

3.3 Chris had provided some draft wording for one of these documents. A bit more work was needed on some of the other documents.

3.4 SG thanked Chris for making progress.

4. The proposed Sheffield Council Repository

4.1 Despite Russell chasing Cllr Mark Jones about this there has been no progress. 

4.2 Meanwhile there were fears from some that documents were being destroyed.

4.3 Russell took an action to further chase Cllr Jones, and also to consider contacting the LGO directly stating that STAG had no faith in SCCs promises to the LGO.

5. Proposed Legal Crowdfunder

5.1 After the comprehensive discussion on this topic last month, Russell had fulfilled his action of contacting the individual proposing legal action and seeking more detail on the specifics of what legal activity he was considering. As yet that person has not responded.

6. Regular STAG Communications to supporters via Facebook

6.1 Heather had committed to begin a process of collating topics and then writing regular (fortnightly or monthly) updates to all STAG supporters on Facebook. 

6.2 She reported that she hasn’t been able to action this as yet but has committed to beginning this soon.

7. Western Road

7.1 As part of National Tree week an additional tree was planted on Western Road by Amey, as a donation. Christine and Robin Ridley participated in the planting.

8. Residents attacking street trees

8.1 Ann Anderson and Christine King both gave updates on residents taking negative action against street trees.

8.2 Ann updated on a resident who was pruning the top off a sapling. Darren Butt and Brian Stocks are involved and supportive of remedial action.

8.3 Christine updated on another example on another road where a developer was filmed allegedly poisoning a tree. After extensive chasing, SCC have finally agreed (as owner of the tree) to submit a case to the Police, so the Police can formally investigate.

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