Campaign leaflets

Save Sheffield Street Trees

This comprehensive 28-page booklet provides an excellent overview of all the issues covered throughout this website. (Note: 6.6MB download)

CAVAT valuation report on Street Trees in Sheffield

Ian Dalton has compiled this insightful report using tree measurement data gathered from across the city by a keen group of ‘citizen scientists’. The results speak for themselves: by the end of 2017 SCC will have destroyed £60 million’s worth of healthy street trees.

12 reasons to love street trees

This is the printable version of this informative leaflet, designed to be printed on double-sided A4.  From environmental benefits to the positive effects on health and wellbeing, this comprehensive list reveals the vital role that trees play in our towns and cities. 

You can stand on my land poster

Download and print this A4 poster for displaying in a window to let tree-protectors know that they are welcome to defend street trees while stood on your property.  Please also contact your local tree group to inform them of your wishes.

Save Our Street Trees poster

A simple A4 poster that can be put in a window facing the street.

Save Our Street Trees editable poster

An editable powerpoint version of the above A4 poster.  The street name and local contacts can be added.

Stop the Spin

This leaflet was produced for the ‘Stop the Spin’ event on 25 February 2017. It reacts to six commonly repeated and misleading stories from Sheffield City Council.

Background information here

Tree life expectancy

This leaflet addresses the misleading idea that Sheffield’s street trees are reaching the end of their natural life.  A handy table of the expected lifespan of commonly planted street trees is also included.

Top 10 tree benefits

An A5 leaflet (doubled up to get 2 on an A4 sheet) with useful information promoting the positive role of trees, with particular emphasis on the advantages of living with street trees.

Click here for references

Is your tree causing a nuisance?

Written by Ian Dalton, a London-based Tree Officer, this A4 double-sided leaflet discusses the problems most frequently associated with street trees and includes helpful advice on what to do if you are affected.

Analysis of documents from SYP’s ‘Operation Quito’

Read campaigner Marcus Crombie’s analysis of the publicly released documents from South Yorkshire Police’s ‘Operation Quito’. (Note: 2.1MB download)

Oversail refusal letter

A letter template to be used by individual residents, which refuses to allow Amey access to a private property in order to remove trees.  (Letters should be sent recorded delivery to confirm their arrival)

The Rights of Householders, regarding access to private land and the airspace above.

Oversailing permission needs to be obtained poster

A poster stating: “Prior to undertaking any work involving this tree, you should apply to for permission to oversail all affected properties.”


Oversailing refused adjacent properties poster

A poster stating: “Residents of an adjacent property have refused permission for staff of Amey PLC, their subsidiaries or sub-contractors to enter their houses or gardens, or oversail their properties to carry out work.”

Does the Injunction apply to me?

A notice explaining whether or not the Injunction applies to you. 

Do you intend to “enter or remain in a safety zone”?
If the answer is no – then the Injunction does not apply to you.

Justice Males’ quote re: The Injunction

The wording of Justice Males’ written injunction is what matters legally. Do not allow SCC/Amey to rewrite the injunction to suit themselves. 

Notice to SCC and Amey Contractors Road Traffic Regulation Act (RTRA) 1984 – Re Section 14 (4b) Access to Premises

A notice explaining a householder’s rights of access to their property if affected by a temporary prohibition or restriction of access to roads, known as an “Exclusion Zone” or “Safety Area”.

Birds roosting do not disturb

An A4 poster for attaching to trees where birds are known to be roosting. Disturbing a nest is a reportable offence!

Bats roosting do not disturb

An A4 poster for attaching to trees where bats are known to be roosting.  Disturbing a roost is a wildlife crime!

Read advice from the Bat Conservation Trust.

Make your own Bat box here or alternative instructions from the RSPB can viewed here.

Nest and roost information

A handy guide to the laws and guidance for dealing with trees where birds are nesting or bats are roosting.  Contact details for reporting suspected incidents of wildlife crime are also

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