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STAG’s official press releases and other public communications

22nd January 2018 – Amey get physical

30th November 2017 – SCC stirring up division between neighbours

27th November 2017 – Private security assault protesters as Amey ramp up intimidation

7th November 2017 – Negotiations with SCC

3rd November 2017 – Calvin suspended sentence Siobhan dropped

5th October 2017 – City Council’s Blatant Spin about Residents’ Safety?

31st August 2017 – SCC Misleading Public Over Injunctions

18th August 2017 – STAG will not appeal the judge’s verdict

15th August 2017 – Judgement Day

10th August 2017 – Absurd claims about dangers to cyclists

26th July 2017 – First Report From Court

11th July 2017 –Was Amey eligible to bid?

28th June 2017 – Shocking Decision to Destroy Iconic Tree and Rare Butterflies

23rd June 2017 – Strange Coincidence or Election Manipulation?

19th June 2017 – Amey Fail to Disclose Conviction

18th May 2017 – STAG Street Tree Manifesto for General Election Launched

May 2017 – STAG Street Tree Manifesto for Parliamentary Candidates

17th April 2017 – Council Chooses Confrontation with Communities

6th April 2017 – Straight Talking Needed in Street Tree Debate

April 2017 – Plight of Sheffield’s Health Street Trees Attracts International Visitors on 3rd and 4th April

31st March 2017 – Denial of Democracy

24th March 2017 – Tree Campaigners Accuse City Council of Fake Statistics

March 2017 – Residents Refuse Oversail Permission









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