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STAG’s official press releases and other public communications

14th October 2020 – Ombudsman: Sheffield Council Not Open or Accountable Catalogue of Failures and Deception Second Damning Report from Local Government Watchdog

22nd December 2019 – Sheffield Council wanted names of tree campaigners attending police meeting to help with its future legal action

20th December 2019 – Revealed: How Sheffield Council bosses tried to downplay being ‘heavily involved’ with controversial police operation

20th December 2019 – Authorities kept offer to save 100 Sheffield street trees secret before huge police operation

18th December 2019 – Council report vindicates tree campaigners

30th October 2019 – STAG Feedback about the current SCC tree felling decision making process

19th July 2019 – Forestry Commission Investigation

15th July 2019 – Cabinet Report

19th June 2019 – Amey asking residents to water trees

28th May 2019 – Summary of STAG/Amey Joint Street Tree Investigations  (6.9MB)

22nd May 2019 – Abbeydale Park Rise

19th May 2019 – 130,000 trees to be planted across UK towns and cities

1st May 2019 – Rustlings Road tree – kerb repaired

27th March 2019 – Diseased Trees – STAG call for plan

11th February 2019 – Sheffield City Council is forced to apologise for ‘misleading’ local residents. Read the Ombudsman’s decision.

4th February 2019 – Police pay £24,300 compensation to campaigners following wrongful arrests under controversial Trades Union Law

14th January 2019 – Tree campaigners reject Council scheme

26th November 2018 – Sheffield tree campaigners receive national award

6th November 2018 – Plans announced to save the Western Road Memorial trees

1st November 2018 – Update from STAG Steering Group about the continuing meetings with Sheffield Council

24th October 2018 – STAG has not agreed a felling scheme with SCC

7th August 2018 – Tree talks will be chaired by the Bishop of Sheffield

20th July 2018 – Sheffield Council announces tree talks for August

18th July 2018 – No charges brought against tree campaigners

10th July 2018 – Court says tree protestor not guilty of threatening behaviour

25th June 2018 – Watering saplings during the heat wave 

20th June 2018 – Independent Tree Panel Costs

14th June 2018 – STAG welcomes national tree champion

8th June 2018  – Prison Sentences

3rd June 2018  – Councillors have lost control

21st May 2018 – Council seeks Imprisonment

20th May 2018 – Court Action Restarted

20th April 2018 –  Information pack for meeting between STAG and SYP

17th April 2018 – Response to SCC re talks

16th April 2018 – Talks Announcement

23rd March 2018 – Mediation Offer

26th February 2018 – Police Change Direction

2nd February 2018 – Tree Fellings On Hold

22nd January 2018 – Amey get physical

30th November 2017 – SCC stirring up division between neighbours

27th November 2017 – Private security assault protesters as Amey ramp up intimidation

9th November 2017 – STAG progress report on Negotiations with Sheffield City Council

7th November 2017 – Negotiations with SCC

3rd November 2017 – Calvin suspended sentence Siobhan dropped

5th October 2017 – City Council’s Blatant Spin about Residents’ Safety?

31st August 2017 – SCC Misleading Public Over Injunctions

18th August 2017 – STAG will not appeal the judge’s verdict

15th August 2017 – Judgement Day

10th August 2017 – Absurd claims about dangers to cyclists

26th July 2017 – First Report From Court

11th July 2017 –Was Amey eligible to bid?

28th June 2017 – Shocking Decision to Destroy Iconic Tree and Rare Butterflies

23rd June 2017 – Strange Coincidence or Election Manipulation?

19th June 2017 – Amey Fail to Disclose Conviction

18th May 2017 – STAG Street Tree Manifesto for General Election Launched

May 2017 – STAG Street Tree Manifesto for Parliamentary Candidates

17th April 2017 – Council Chooses Confrontation with Communities

6th April 2017 – Straight Talking Needed in Street Tree Debate

April 2017 – Plight of Sheffield’s Health Street Trees Attracts International Visitors on 3rd and 4th April

31st March 2017 – Denial of Democracy

24th March 2017 – Tree Campaigners Accuse City Council of Fake Statistics

March 2017 – Residents Refuse Oversail Permission

The Felling – An Epic Tale of People Power

Innocent protest to save Sheffield’s healthy street trees turns into a nightmare, as a small group of brave suburbanites take on their Council, the police and a multinational corporation.

Crowdfunder: street trees legal fund

We are currently collecting to support the small number of campaigners who are facing court costs after cases brought by Sheffield City Council.

Heartwood TiCL trail

Walk the Heartwood Trail and find Robert Macfarlane’s beautiful charms against harm hung from some of Sheffield’s threatened Street Trees. Designed by Jackie Morris.

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