STAG Future: Inaugural Meeting: 19th August 2020

Present: Shelley C, Russell J, Helen K, Heather R, Valentina B, Mark, Carol C, Joy B, Richard W, Nicola G, Christine K, Ruth H, Marika P, Justin B

31 people expressed interest so turnout good. Valentina is here as an observer.

Agenda Items

1. What type of organisation should it be?

We only need a loose structure at present – we haven’t precisely decided what we will do and form follows function.

Initial consultation at event suggested that an Unincorporated Association was the best fit. Although a UA can have neither paid staff nor bid for funds, nor enter into contracts, we could in future change to something more formal if that became useful.

It can enter into agreements, such as we have currently with SCC and Amey. 

The structure doesn’t need to be complicated – needs constitution which among other things describes the governing committee, required roles, how often it meets etc

The name STAG needs to carry on, partly because it’s a recognised brand that other protest groups reach out to help, partly because our agreements with Amey/SCC are with STAG.

2. What Does STAG Want to do?

Suggested text

The Aims of STAG shall be to protect and to support the development of urban trees and urban green space, especially in the areas where people live, work and travel.

Flipcharts at the previous event listed

Street Tree Strategy – development and monitoring Monitoring Amey Inquiry/Investigation – at the minimum need to understand what happened, gain apology Keeping our trees safe and cared for – whether young or old – not just street trees Providing expertise and support to other campaign groups Expanding awareness of the benefits of street trees/trees Influencing planning applications Wider green space / envirionmental issues

Comments at the meeting, which are broadly similar

Influencing planning, and other bodies Wider green space issues Promote and protect urban environment Health and welfare of green infrastructure – lobby relevant statutory bodies Communication and awareness raising Need to maintain continuity, in particular of current agreements and co-working processes with Amey and SCC Maintain our name/brand as it is widely known outside Sheffield

3. What structure should it have?

Needs a Treasurer and three signatories, one of whom must be the Treasurer. 

Potential roles include Press, Membership, SCC/Amey liaison, Legal, though these don’t necessarily need to be named posts.

Whether or not to charge a membership fee isn’t yet clear – could be a donation as to allow entry to those on lower incomes to be involved. Need to be clear about what the charge is for – currently would be admin as there are no planned schemes. It was noted that there are venues that offer rooms for free.

Could use donations/crowd-funding for larger items.

Membership would control a mailing list and voting rights.

4. Tasks list

 a. Define/describe green urban

 b. Determine legal status of group

 c. Issue Expression of Interest for different roles

 d. Establish voting rights

 e. Constitution – draft by September,

 f. Create google group for interested parties

 5. AOB

There was an offer to help with the constitution from someone not on FB. Shelley to get an email address to Christine to engage this person (Charles).

Inquiry – is wanted by many but needs people who are able to take it forward; currently a small number of people are doing a great deal of work and can’t take this on as well. 

Part of a new group’s role would be to distribute work amongst more people to as to be more effective and take on new ideas.

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