STAG Steering Group notes: 11th August 2020

1. Joint Investigations

1.1 After prompting to Karen in SCC, Joint Investigations of the remaining threatened trees yet to be investigated has finally re-started two weeks ago.

1.2 They’ve been focused in the Meersbrook area so far, on Meersbrook Park Road and Binfield Road

1.3 Russell, Heather and Christine all reported that the crew doing the work were excellent, and the supervisor had also been very good, giving the crew leeway to formulate innovative solutions to save trees.

1.4 This included some great work around a very hard to save tree on Binfield Road, with work taking 1.5 days to complete for just the one tree.

1.4 Three trees on MPR are impossible to save using the pre-approved solutions, and would require build outs and/or missing kerb stones to save. These have been sent for review at SCC.

1.5 Paul S asked Christine whether there was any progress from Amey and SCC on publishing details of trees which appear to have been fully saved, setting a date for a meeting to talk about the six or so trees that Amey still want to fell, a timeline for the roads requiring “whole road solutions and dates for the remaining investigations, once the Meersbrook area trees have been completed. Christine said she’d asked these questions of Darren and Mick when she met them the day before, but they hadn’t answered. Therefore a proposal to set up a weekly progress chasing meeting with Mick and Darren to ensure progress with one additional member of SG present was made and agreed for Christine to action.

2. Street Tree Strategy Implementation

2.1 Paul S updated Steering Group members about the Volunteer Tree Warden scheme progress, and also about the additional planting process that Is being tested in Nether Edge and that Joel Shute is testing on Abbeydale Road. Everyone seemed pleased with progress

2.2 Paul S also updated about the 200+ responses to the public engagement exercise so far.

2.3 Rebecca raised a query as to whether Christine or Paul S could think of any topics we could feed to supporters that they could press for in their own responses. Christine suggested a focus on standards when workers are working around trees. Paul S took an action to think about this in more detail.

3. Tree Disease Symposium

3.1 Carolyn Millman couldn’t attend and had sent a brief update. Here has been no progress in the last month but it would be her top focus after her return from leave.

4. Progress towards the reformation of STAG

4.1 Russell, Heather, and Christine updated Steering Group members on a meeting they had had with Chris Rust to take this forward.

4.2 Chris has offered to be interim Treasurer, whilst the new group is being set up. He will also be drafting a constitution for comment by all Steering Group members (and other volunteers for the new group). This will act as an interim constitution whilst the new group finds its feet

4.3 Having an interim constitution will allow a bank account to be set up for the group.

4.4 Heather took an action to write up a brief message for all local group leads to send a consistent message out to their supporters about the next steps.

5. ATMP Dead and Dying Trees

5.1 Paul S asked Christine whether there had been any update from Amey on the new list of dead or dying trees that Amey wanted to fell which STAG had challenged.

5.2 Christine reported that no update has been received. Paul S will chase those in Nether Edge specifically.

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