STAG Steering Group notes: 5th May 2020

1. Facebook Page Moderation

1.1 Mods are putting posts on approval overnight or if nobody is available. Traffic is low currently, apart from some pictures of primulas!

2. Meeting with Cllr Mark Jones

2.1 Christine explained that the non-street tree felling in Rivelin valley proved fears about causing people to cluster. The definition of “essential work” was discussed. 2.2 Also discussed was the issue of how lack of clarity over guidelines and the definition of essential is causing needless stress. 

2.3 Christine will ask Darren Butt about re-opening work and how he can communicate that better.

2.4 It was discussed at the same meeting that we understand there won’t be much activity on the discussions with the Bishop until the current crisis has abated. There has still been no communication and proposals from the Bishop though, so nothing to appraise. Paul B also stated that STAG need a firm commitment from them in writing.

3. Joint Investigations

3.1 Christine explained that she and Helen are working with Darren to populate his spreadsheet with STAG JI comments. We could send separately, but Darren is contractually obliged to send it so it makes sense.

4. Street Trees Strategy

4.1 Next STS meeting is a week on Friday.

5 Chelsea Road Elm

5.1 Paul S is working with Karen from SCC to put up an Information Board next to the Chelsea Road elm. Designed by Paul and his brother and paid for by Tree of the Year 2016 prize money. SCC seem very open to the plan so far.

6. Street Tree Planting in Nether Edge

6.1 Paul S has been working with Darren Butt on his 40 suggested locations for additional street trees in Nether Edge, paid for by SNET funds.

6.2 Positive reaction so far from Amey. Noted that some initial locations not deemed suitable (reasons are not immediately obvious). However this will help with drafting a more detailed process in the longer run.

7. Future of Save Nether Edge Trees.

7.1 SNET now very close to becoming a sub-group of its successor group, called Nether Edge and Sharrow Sustainable Transformation (NESST). 

7.2 Alison Teal and Mark James driving the successor group forward. 

7.3 SNET will remain in place as a sub group until we have spent remaining funds on additional trees, and our remaining threatened trees have been officially saved.

8. Street Tree Wardens

8.1 Paul S has a video conference with Liz Ballard and Darren Butt next week to discuss in more detail how to get the Street Tree Warden scheme (confirmed in street tree strategy) off the ground. 

8.2 Paul will bring details back to SG when proposal is detailed enough.

9. One Thousand Oak Trees

9.1 Paul B gave an update on the 1,000 oaks. He’d made an initial approach and established that they’d still got them, but recently has been unable to contact them, so this is currently on hold. 

9.2 It’s possible to buy them off the website, but it’s not safe to do so without being confident that this triggers a delivery as well as a payment.


“STAG notes the significant and valued contribution that the late Alan Robshaw made to saving Sheffield’s street trees and our thoughts are with his family.”

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