STAG Steering Group meeting: 5th April 2018

Action Notes

1. Get Off My Tree Rally and March
1.1 Dave Dillner asked SG members to put a call out for marshals to their local groups.

2. Sheffield Trees International Community (STIC)
2.1 Shelley had received contact from a man in London called Steve Andresier and had met him with Paul Hemmings.
2.2 On that basis she had invited him to the SG meeting for a guest slot to outline his idea for a new sub-group of STAG for those living outside Sheffield called Sheffield Trees International Community (STIC).
2.3 He has already created a Twitter account and Whatsapp group. His next plan is to set up an Instagram account and Facebook group.
2.4 His background is in marketing, he has links with celebrities and other prominent contacts and intends to use his network of contacts and the efforts of people living outside Sheffield who support our cause to create high-profile publicity for the campaign.
2.5 All steering group members were content to except his plan to form STIC as an affiliated group of STAG on a trial basis.

3. Chair of STAG Steering Group
3.1 Rebecca Hammond had requested to stand down from the position of co-chair some time ago. No candidate had been immediately forthcoming but recently Paul Brooke had become prepared to nominate himself for the position.
3.2 Following a discussion on the mandate of each steering group member to speak on behalf of their groups, a vote took place and, other than one abstention, there was unanimous support for Paul as co-chair.
3.3 Chris, Paul and Rebecca agreed to work together on a set of statements to be put on Facebook in the next week that announced Rebecca’s resignation and Paul’s election.

4. Minutes for STAG Steering Group and observers.
4.1 Steering Group members agreed that brief action notes of the steering group meeting should be published. Paul Hemmings agreed to prepare these but explained there would be a delay owing to holiday commitments.
4.2 On the subject of observers at Steering Group meetings, this proposal was rejected owing to the frequent sensitivity and confidentiality of topics discussed, although guests will be invited to individual agenda items where appropriate as has always been the case.

5. Legal Matters
5.1 Paul Brooke gave a very brief update on the four people facing committal proceedings for alleged breach of the injunction.
5.2 Things are still on hold because Justice Males is currently unavailable.
5.3 Chris gave a brief update on potential pro active action against the council that Stag legal group has been working on.
5.4 Paul Powlesland is prepared to provide a barristers opinion when he receives appropriate evidence.
5.5 Chris and Paul Selby agreed to work together to prompt faster action.
5.6 Paul Selby gave an update on progress on a potential legal case.

6. Moderation of Facebook Page
6.1 Steering Group re-affirmed support for the moderators who face some severe challenges at times.
6.2 Paul Brooke agreed to take up one specific issue of abuse of moderators with the person concerned and ensure that the consequences of any re-occurrence of the issue are understood.

7. Negotiations with SCC
7.1 No sign of overtures from SCC or Amey, and local Steering Group members were asked to make this clear to the groups.
7.2 It was confirmed that STAG could not and would not direct local groups how to communicate and provide forums for debate in their local areas.
7.3 It was agreed that the documents that Steering Group had agreed in November and December remained a good starting point.
7.4 Feedback from all of the local public groups on how any future negotiations should be approached would be brought back to the next STAG Steering Group meeting.

8. Funds Update
8.1 Chris gave an update on STAG funds which are now relatively healthy.
8.2 Some funds will hopefully be used to fund any proactive action which may be required.
8.3 Noted that the four people for committal proceedings will have their defence paid for by legal aid. Any resulting fines may need STAG financial support.

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