#saveshefftrees Round up – March 21st 2018 – aggressive trumpet blowing is blown out of proportion

And… they were back on Rivelin Valley Road this morning.
40 people in HiViz counted early on….Police, Acorn, Amey Barrier men and Servoca Security Staff.

Let’s just pause there for a moment to think a bit about the Lime trees all along Rivelin Valley Road.
Way back in 1906 over 700 Lime Trees were purchased from Dixon’s of Chester at a cost of £147.
The Limes were planted to line the road for a distance of 3.5 miles, making it the second longest Lime Tree Avenue in Britain, and it still is today.
These trees are a Sheffield community asset. One 112 year old Lime tree has a CAVAT (monetary amenity asset value) of about £30,000 pounds. Almost 600 out of the original 700 trees are still in place and healthy.
The total the CAVAT value of the Avenue, at a conservative estimate, is:
£30,000 X 600 = £18,000,000
18 Million Pounds…..hold that thought.

So.. back to this morning at Rivelin Valley Road….
40 people in HiViz arrived to facilitate the felling of targeted trees in the Avenue.
They were rapidly joined by many local residents and some Tree Protectors from other parts of Sheffield.

7 or 8 geckos got behind the targeted tree and prevented the completion of a barrier zone.
This held up any planned felling for a long time.
Three warnings were issued then security staff used considerable force to remove the Geckos.

During the forcible Gecko removal a female protester (age 61) was dragged to the ground by security staff.
She was then kicked in the head by one of them as he stepped over her (there was plenty of room to walk around her).
She was taken to A&E by ambulance and was found to be suffering from a severe headache caused by a big bump on her head. She also had a badly bruised hip from where she hit the floor when she was dropped.
Police filmed the entire incident but refused to take a complaint from the victim at the scene. They said she would have to go to a police station to make her complaint.

The difference; compared to immediate arrest if the security personnel complain; is astonishing.

Following this:
– Another protestor got back into Gecko position and was eventually arrested and taken away by police.
– A local resident was arrested for swearing and taken away by police
– A lady, who had been enthusiastically blowing a Zuzuzuala most of the time, was arrested for, well, blowing her Zuzuzuala. When the Zuzuzuala was taken away from her she set off her rape alarm. The rape alarm was also taken away from her and she was taken away by police.

Surrounded by Heras barriers, security and police the Acorn Arbs felled the remains of one, already partly felled, healthy Lime tree.
Tree Protectors stood by other trees they thought might be targeted which seemed to deterred any further felling.
All the HiViz left shortly after one thirty.

So by lunchtime; one lady had been injured and was in hospital; three people had been arrested and were awaiting processing in the quaintly named Snig Hill Custody Suite; one healthy Lime tree had been felled.
That makes it 30.000 pounds off the value of the 18 million pound Rivelin Valley Road Lime Tree Avenue.
And how much spent on police, security and support services?
What a terrible waste.


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One comment on “#saveshefftrees Round up – March 21st 2018 – aggressive trumpet blowing is blown out of proportion
  1. Reblogged this on Eilidhan and commented:
    I know this isn’t this blog’s usual fare, but this is my city. No one wants this, yet the council refuses to even acknowledge our opposition. I will be opposing this in person, mark my words.


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