#saveshefftrees Round Up – Tuesday March 20th 2018 – Rivelin Valley Rd Butchered

Today Rivelin Valley Road, the second longest Lime avenue in England, lost TWO of its majestic, healthy, over 100 year-old Lime trees. This avenue is situated in Paul Blomfield’s constituency who, only a week ago, said as part of a long statement:
“I would also like to see a pause in the work for more discussion to resolve the current conflict, putting the views of residents on affected streets first.”
Well Paul, it looks like that would be a “no” from SCC and AMEY.

Rivelin Valley Road was invaded mid morning with the now customary complement of large numbers of Police, Servoca Security employees, Amey barrier people and employees of Acorn Environmental Management Group – who actually cut the trees down.
By the end of the day this invasion resulted in two trees being felled and two people, who came to protest peacefully, being arrested.
Just to give you the feel of today here is a selection of comments posted on FB and various chats:

“SIA. Heras.Police on RVR”
“think they’re going for three trees”
“I’m at work…NO! NO! NO!”
“Have alerted Local Councillors”
“Live feed from Rivelin Valley Road shows Jeremy Willis really not looking pleased. He must have missed the memo about today being ‘International Day of Happiness’. “
On a Banner..“HONK FOR TREES”
“HONK!!!!!” From the many motorists who drove past showing their support
“South Yorkshire Police
PROTECTING the Bouncers
PROTECTING the Contractors FROM
Peaceful People who just want to… PROTECT Healthy Trees”
“100 years to grow, and destroyed in 1 hour”
“Shameful butchery”
“Damn – they are ruining one of Britain’s best beauty spots.”
“A sad, difficult day.”

“15:45 All finished at Rivelin Valley Rd, Thanks everyone who came”
I think that means thanks to the Tree Protectors….


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2 comments on “#saveshefftrees Round Up – Tuesday March 20th 2018 – Rivelin Valley Rd Butchered
  1. Fiona says:

    Amey are not likely to get many new contracts from other councils after the disgraceful tree felling fiasco in Sheffield and their refusal to amend or cancel the current ring fenced contract… Bad PR for Amey


  2. Jean Roberts says:

    Breaks my heart to see such beautiful living breathing trees executed for being the lungs of our life! These trees were here long before we were! Here in Brentwood Essex a number of years ago over 350 trees were felled in one year! I saw stumps everywhere! Maybe some were dangerous but others made way for buildings! An avenue of trees were destroyed in South Wesld Park to make way for very little and no beauty!
    Trees are a large part of our green and pleasant land! Keep it this way!


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