#saveshefftrees update Tuesday 6th March – no Grinch, lots of action, but no felling

Daily News Round-up – Tuesday March 6th

This morning Yorkshire Water was fixing a leak on Abbeydale Park Rise and Amey’s attentions returned to Thornsett Road, Netheredge.
It was almost déjà vu but at a different tree, with more singing, lots of Gnomes, more chanting, no arrests, no ballroom dancing and no trees felled – again.
The huge Herras “safety zone” completely blocked Thornsett Road. Surrounding and inside it were:
One PC Rick (of impressive moustache fame), two Police Inspectors, three Police Sergeants, two Police Liaison Officers, two Police Evidence Gatherers, twenty three Police Constables, all backed up by numerous Police transport vans and a Police CCTV mobile surveillance centre with a camera mounted high on the biggest periscope I’ve ever seen.
Plus the usual compliment of around 40 Amey/Acorn Yellow jackets and, today, two Amey Senior Management. Senior Management were not totally keen to talk to the many representatives of the press, TV, Radio and a couple of journalism students who all arrived with impressive amounts of recording equipment. Hope we see some good reporting tonight and in the following days.

Megaphones at the ready there was some awesome chanting from a large crowd of Tree Protectors:
“Axe PFIs – Not Trees!”
“Whose Trees? – Our Trees!”
“Whose Police? Our police!”
“Plant Acorns – Don’t employ them”
“Who lives here? – We live here!”
Please feel free to suggest new chants in the comments below.

By mid afternoon the Acorn Arbs had removed the roadside branches from one Chestnut tree that the Independent Tree Panel assessed as “Healthy”. However, the Amey Tree Specialist assessed it today as “Diseased, rotting from within and needing to be felled within two years” Well, who to believe? I’ll leave that up to you…..
There was Garden Permission beside the Chestnut tree (thank you!), which allowed the Gnomes to be under the oversailing branches. Amey were not willing to cut above the heads of the Tree Protectors and we all went home…rather slowly, strolling in front of some big vehicles…

Oh and the singing…we need more songs.
We did have a wonderful rich baritone who led us in a short, but spirited, rendition of “He’s a Lumberjack and he’s OK”. The Amey Lumberjacks were probably not overly pleased with the second line or the suggested clothes choices but we had a good sing.

So, polite peaceful homework for tonight: suggestions for more songs and some creative chants.


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