#saveshefftrees update 27th Feb – 60 police, 2 perfectly healthy trees needlessly felled for #pfiprofit

News Round-up – February 27th 2018
Two Night raids
Last night, in the dark, Arb crews carried out raids lopping off branches which oversailed private property. One tree on Pingle Road, Millhouses and two trees on Thornsett Road, Netheredge were left with a sad pile of branches beneath them, roped off with cones and stripy tape.

Night gritting
Due to the forecast snow road gritting was in progress last night. However two roads, Thornsett Road and Agden Road, were both so heavily gritted that the whole road surface was brown with grit in the morning. These two roads do not appear on the SCC map of roads to be gritted. It became clear in the morning that these roads had been heavily gritted so that Amey’s heavy vehicles could work on them to attempt fellings despite the snow. It has been reported today that some roads that should have been gritted did not get done. So, please look out for unusual levels of gritting as it may indicate where felling will be attempted.

Car towed
One car parked on Thornsett Road was towed away by Mansfield.
It was not a Thornsett Road resident’s car and there is speculation that it belonged to an office worker who had parked their car and gone to work.
I wonder if the poor office worker reported their car to the police as stolen?

Geckos arrested
10:10am today Thornsett Road and Agden Road, Netheredge were closed and Amey moved in to attempt multiple fellings. They set up Herras barriers around the two trees they tried to fell yesterday and were soon surrounded by a large number of campaigners who were peaceful but assertive.
Several Geckos got into place to prevent the fellings. They were on the public highway, close to the trees but not within the workzone. Several SIA operatives, watched by the police, removed three Geckos with a level of force that was even greater than that used yesterday. Once removed the SIA operatives handed the Geckos over to the police.
Two of the Geckos were arrested and taken to a Police van where their details were recorded and then they were de-arrested. The third Gecko was not put through the arrest then de-arrest process as they declined to enter the police van and gave their details while still on the street.
All three Geckos were told they will be issued with a summons for breaking section 303 of the Highways Act. This, though a criminal offence, is not recordable and may only incur a five pound fine at the Magistrates Court.
One Gecko said “The earlier people get to a likely felling site the more we are able to do to prevent the felling”

Trees felled today
Two healthy trees were completely felled on Thornsett Road today.
This was done by a total of 40 Amey staff (20 SIA operatives, 10 Barrier men, 10 Arborists )
In attendance were 30 South Yorkshire Police Officers.
More campaigners than yesterday, 60 at the height of the action, peacefully and loudly protested both the fellings and the arrests.

See you wherever Amey tries to fell. We are not going away. Power to the Peaceful

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