Monday 26th Feb #saveshefftrees update – masses of police and henchmen, but no trees felled

News round up – Monday February 26th

The Police warned, in a statement released last Friday, that felling would resume today.
Early this morning the Night patrols reported all clear and the first part of the morning was quiet with vigilant residents patrolling their areas on the lookout for Amey Barrier vans arriving to set up high metal barriers around threatened trees.

The action started at 10:45am on Thornsett Road, Netheredge when Barrier wagons, Amey trucks, Acorn arbs and chippers arrivied together with several police vans.
A local resident said “They set up very quickly but a couple of geckos got in behind one tree at the end of the road.”
The second tree surrounded with Herras Barriers was in front of a private property where “Garden Permission” had been given and local residents rapidly went into the garden to protect the tree. By noon we estimated there were 15 police officers, 35 Yellow Jackets – Arbs, SIA security, other Amey workers including Darren Butt and Jeremy Willis – and over 50 local tree protectors. The campaigners chanted, blew whistles and peacefully showed their opposition to the proposed felling.

Trees were very determinedly defended by Geckos seeking to remain in position before the barriers were completed. A great deal of force was used by the SIA operatives to attempt to remove one female Gecko. They were not successful in removing her.

Five hours after setting up the barriers there had been three protectors arrested and a small pile of branches had been cut off one tree.
Arrest 0ne – A bunny was arrested in connection with an alleged 303 Highways offence.

Arrest Two – One tree protector, away from the work zone, was arrested apparently in connection with alleged events on Meersbrook Park Road on Jan 22nd.

Meanwhile a Squirrel climbed the tree and brought all work to an end. All Amey workers then left but the police remained.

Arrest Three -When the Squirrel came down from the tree the squirrel ran but was intercepted by police and injured. Paramedics attended to help the injured Squirrel who was then arrested and taken to Shepcote Lane Police Station.

All Thornsett Road trees still in place this evening…

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