#saveshefftrees #TreeTruths – Jeremy Barrell

Sheffield #TreeTruths 14: Amey tree expert says “canopies can trap pollution at pavement level”. Scaremongering, I’m afraid. If that really is relevant, then why has Singapore been cramming its streets & highways full of trees for the last 40 years? #SaveSheffTrees @shftelegraph

Sheffield #TreeTruths 13: Amey tree expert says “engineering solutions to try to retain a mature street tree will often compromise its shallow roots”. If that really is true, then why are so many other cities managing to keep mature trees then? #saveshefftrees

Sheffield #TreeTruths 12: Professionals outside arboriculture are not interested in Sheffield’s tree felling programme? Oh, I think they are, evidenced by 10,000+ international environment professionals reading ‘The Environment’ this week. https://t.co/e9rGw9Dhhu #SaveSheffTrees https://t.co/0pOtZs0kP5

Sheffield #TreeTruths 11: Felling will always be the last resort? Sorry, not in Sheffield. I have seen hundreds of situations where tree could have been retained and were not. #SaveSheffTrees https://t.co/mhwJSnNoAV

Sheffield #TreeTruths 10: Felling heritage trees planted 90+ years ago in memory of WWI dead can be mitigated by planting new trees in parks? No, No, No. Get a grip. It is the physical link to the past and bridge to the future that is of value, not a label!

Sheffield #TreeTruths 9: Street trees make pollution worse not better? Really, that’s not what the bulk of the high quality research suggests! If that’s true, then why has Singapore spent decades lining its streets with millions of trees?

Sheffield #TreeTruths 8: Replacing felled street trees in nearby parks is adequate mitigation? No, I don’t think so, and neither do the researchers. The evidence shows that trees are most effective at buffering pollution right next to it, not remote from it.

Sheffield #TreeTruths 7: 80 year old trees are at the end of their life? Sorry, I don’t think so. In this photo (c1933), the tree is about 70 years old, but someone decide to keep it, not fell it. 85 years later, 3 generations have enjoyed the benefits.

Sheffield #TreeTruths 6: All removed street trees will be replaced? Not in Chatsworth Road so far! Canadian urban forest specialist, Philip van Wassenaer, stands on new tarmac where a mature lime once stood, similar to those in the background.

Sheffield #TreeTruths 5: A zero tolerance approach to displaced kerbs or surfacing is a valid reason to remove healthy street trees? Sorry, no its not, according to the government endorsed UK Roads Liaison Group Code of Practice!

Sheffield #TreeTruths 4: @hortweek explains how CAVAT is a credible way of valuing street trees. https://t.co/GCKIauKEV8. Sheffield City Council should read this before felling commemorative trees in Western Road. They are at the top end of the value spectrum.

Sheffield #TreeTruths 3: Trees make places nice to live in and people proud of their communities. This is Sheffield City Council’s approach to place making. There is no credible technical justification for this type of management.

Sheffield #TreeTruths 2: Street tree management in Sheffield is a local issue? I don’t think so! The industrial scale felling of healthy street trees being implemented by Sheffield City Council is unique and it has a big international profile.

Sheffield #TreeTruths1: Tree roots damage services? – I have seen no evidence in Sheffield. Trees rarely damage services, evidence is thousands of street trees in Sheffield not doing so, & millions around the world coexisting with services.

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