Local election candidates responses to STAG’s Street Tree Manifesto

STAG is not a party political organisation, however we are aware that tree felling has become a political issue for many of our supporters. In this spirit we have invited all local candidates to respond to the issues presented in the Street Tree Manifesto so that voters can judge for themselves.

The time available to organise all this has been brief and, due to difficulties in making contact, many of the candidates only received our request on 25th April. We appreciate that this does not allow much time for candidates to reply but hope that they will engage with our request.

We will update the links below as and when new information comes in.

Responses by electoral ward

Beauchief & Greenhill; Beighton; Birley; Broomhill & Sharrow ValeBurngreaveCityCrookes & Crosspool; Darnall; Dore & Totley; East Ecclesfield; Ecclesall; Firth Park; FulwoodGleadless ValleyGraves ParkHillsboroughManor CastleMosboroughNether Edge & SharrowPark & ArbourthorneRichmondShiregreen & BrightsideSoutheyStanningtonStocksbridge & Upper DonWalkleyWest Ecclesfield; Woodhouse.

Response by political party

Labour & Liberal Democrats response for wards without individual candidate responses. 


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3 comments on “Local election candidates responses to STAG’s Street Tree Manifesto
  1. Anthony Cronshaw says:

    I support an immediate termination of SCC contract with AMEY and a stop to all tree felling
    If I’m elected for Birley on 3 May
    I’ll be insisting those twigs are replaced by mature cherry blossom trees
    Also lets support de hood fighting closure and get these facilities for every kid in Sheffield


  2. Judith Rutnam says:

    Please could you add my response to your local candidates’ responses section – the more support for the trees, the better! Thank you. Judith Rutnam, Fulwood ward


  3. Lammergeier says:

    “STREET TREE MASSACRE” – a response to Cllr Peter Price
    The following letter was published in The Star on Saturday 21st January 2017 (the day of the STAG conference)
    This is the unredacted version. The parts edited out by The Star appear in upper case.
    “Dear Editor,
    Cllr Peter Price asked why people rarely mention woodland planting. To explain, he has received two very detailed petition hand-outs from tree groups, distributed to every Councillor in the city, by Sheffield City Council. These are online at Stocksbridge Community Forum. The Council frequently mention woodland planting and tree numbers. I suspect this is intended to distract attention from and cover for their RECKLESS, INCOMPETENT approach to the stewardship and care of the highway tree population.
    Cllr Price wonders why people didn’t object so strongly to felling prior to the contract for the £2.2bn Streets Ahead project. Then, the Council did not have a contract that permitted the felling of 67.7% of mature highway trees within a generation. Nor did it permit contractors to cause such damage to trees, through total disregard for current good practice, that many of them would be likely to need felling.
    “Sheffield City Strategy 2010–2020” lists sustainability as one of Sheffield’s “Five Key Ambitions”. In Feb 2016, the Council published “Sheffield’s Green Commitment – The Final Report of the Sheffield Green Commission “. This highlighted the health, social, economic and environmental benefits of green infrastructure. A Venn diagram is used to show the relationship between each of these and represent a “triple bottom line”. At the centre of the diagram, uniting all benefits, is a circle with the word “sustainable” in it.
    On 16/10/2016, the UN published “FAO Forestry Paper 178”, stating: “urban forests are the backbone of the green infrastructure”. It specifically recognises “street trees” as part of the urban forest.
    Sustainable urban forestry is about maintenance and optimisation of the shape size and distribution of canopy cover in each land use category, and maintenance of the range and magnitude of valuable eco-system service benefits that it affords to communities and the environment: enhancing health and well-being. Attempts to offset loss by planting in other land use categories are misguided, ill-informed, ineffective, and do not represent CURRENT good practice. Only focussing on the number of trees does not represent a sustainable approach or responsible stewardship and care of Sheffield’s urban forest AND ITS VARIOUS TREE POPULATIONS.
    When SORT presented their 10,000 signature petition to full Council, on 1/7/2015, the Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport (Cllr Terry Fox) ANNOUNCED: “We had an independent survey done in 2006-2007 which helps us inform our priorities for the formation of the contract…”. This was undertaken by Elliott Consultancy Ltd. In 2007, ELLIOTT RECOMMENDED THAT THE COUNCIL HAVE A TREE STRATEGY:
    “A formal document; RATIFIED BY THE COUNCIL; detailing policies; DETAILING BEST PRACTISE; DETAILING PROCEDURES; outlining the goals and objectives”.
    When the South Yorkshire Forest Partnership closed, the Director South Yorkshire Forest (Johanna Mawson) informed, on 29th Oct 2016:
    “Also for SYFP one of the biggest challenges has been the LACK OF ANY STRATEGIC WORKING CONTEXT from within council, in our case THE PLACE DIRECTORATE, and specifically in respect to the Key challenges for SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING and projects.
    …There is also NO COMMITTED RESOURCE for the Green Commission and NO DELIVERY STRATEGY in place. All capacity for developing environmental sustainability for Sheffield has been eroded at an alarming rate and although austerity is a factor LACK OF PROACTIVE POSITIVE MANAGEMENT is a more fundamental problem.”
    It is of great concern that, to date, the Council has still neglected to adopt an adequate tree strategy, drafted in accordance with current good practice, in fulfilment of its six year old policy commitment to have one. AS A MATTER OF IMMEDIATE PRIORITY, a tree strategy is urgently needed, TO HELP ENSURE THAT ACTS AND OMISSIONS ARE BALANCED, PROPORTIONATE, AUDITABLE, DEFENDABLE AND NOT UNDULY INFLUENCED BY TRANSITORY OR EXAGGERATED OPINIONS.
    Prior to the Streets Ahead contract, there was greater openness, honesty, transparency, accountability and better communication. Secrecy, misinformation, ignorance, deceit & lies erode trust, credibility and support. Perhaps the Council should START PUTTING in place steps to ensure fulfilment of the policy commitment it made on 3rd Feb 2016: “to being open and transparent with the Sheffield public ensuring all relevant information is available in the public domain.”
    D.Long (Urban Forester and former highways arboriculturist).
    To date, SORT – Sheffield’s first tree group – has provided two very detailed communications that have been distributed to every Councillor in the city, as petition hand-outs. They were DISTRIBUTED TO EVERY COUNCILLOR IN SHEFFIELD by SCC’s John Turner (Democratic Services Legal and Governance Resources), prior to meetings of full Council held in Sheffield’s Town Hall. The meetings took place on 1st July 2015 (SORT) and 3rd February, 2016 (Nether Edge). Versions of the hand-outs are available from SORT or STAG.


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