Latest #saveshefftrees update w/e 13th April 2018 – Lucky 13 – No Felling

No felling:

So another week without felling has gone by, which has again been lovely. Conflicting rumours abound about whether the felling crews will be back next week or not. There are some hints that they might, and other rumours to the contrary. Either way, as ever, we should be vigilant.
Felling to resume?

There are parking restriction notices on Kenwood Road, a renowned conservation area, for example from the 16th to 18th April. This could of course be for stump grinding. But it could be to fell trees. Don’t forget that there is still one of the heavily night pruned trees still standing, which is absolutely saveable with rectifying pruning. So if the emergency callout occurs next week, please, as ever, do your best to attend, even if only for an hour. The more people attend, the more pressure is put on the felling crews, security and police.

Elsewhere another campaign Freedom of Information request has highlighted confidential emails revealing South Yorkshire Police taking orders from Amey, then lying to the media about it!
May Elections:

We are reliably informed that Postal Votes for the May local elections are due to be received in the next week or so, and that means that some people will begin to return cast votes next week. It is therefore essential that you seriously consider who you vote for. A lot of people vote for the same party locally as they do nationally, when they are two very different things. We strongly advise vote for the most pro tree candidate in your ward!

If you are doubting which way to vote, please remember that the ruling Labour cabinet used their marginal victory in the Nether Edge and Sharrow by-election last year as proof that residents favoured felling street trees.

It is also important that you do your best to persuade your friends, families and neighbours to do the same. There is very strong evidence to show that many people are swayed to vote for people they think many other people are also voting for. So if there are posters in windows of Alison Teal, and they hear that other people are voting Alison Teal, they are more likely to vote for Alison Teal themselves. So please get persuading others!
Upcoming events:

In terms of upcoming events, just a reminder about the “Let’s Hear It for Trees” musical event on Sunday 22nd April. Book tickets early if you do want to go.

Plus there is the Abbeydale Park Rise blossom party this Sunday at 3pm. If you haven’t seen how stunning the white blossom is before, we strongly recommend you go and see it. We were blown away by it last year, literally gorgeous.

Have a great weekend.

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