#saveshefftrees update Friday 16th March

Daily News Round-up – March 16th 2018

What a day of waiting, highs, lows, Samba, Jarvis Cocker, BBC Radio Four, BBC Radio Two and, sadly, the loss of a Healthy Lime Tree.
Quote of the Day: Jarvis Cocker on Radio 4 early this morning,
“…There are the 6 D’s for the Sheffield Trees now there’s a 7th … DAFT”

7:00 Olive Grove lots of checks done on vehicles
Then yawn for over three hours while we all held our breath…metaphorically…until,

10:15 All in Bramall Lane Petrol Station taking it in turns to go into Subway (new Police Canteen?)
There were:
8 Police riot vans,
2 normal Police cars,
2 Enterprise Rental vans with police inside them,
3 unmarked cars
1 Amey car
Servoca Private Security (the yellow jackets ) joined them.
Too much DayGlo HiViz…hope the Petrol Station had sunglasses on special offer this morning.

10:25 Convoy spotted at Brook Hill Roundabout

10:39 Heras Barriers go up round tree at 58 Sackville Road, Crookes
Despite the Independent Tree Panel recommending this healthy tree should be saved by simply putting in a half kerb, SCC went ahead and approved felling.
Does the 17,500 contractual obligation have anything to do with this?
Also interesting that a person at Sackville Road reports that the road and pavement have already been “upgraded”

11:16 Gennel allowing Public access to Sackville Road completely blocked by Heras Barriers and Servoca Yellow Jackets. We have the pictures.

11:35 Sheffield University Samba Band arrives, Rhythm, dancing, grinning and high spirits break out and beat back the sound of the chainsaws. Thank you Samba Band!

12.00 BBC Radio Two Jeremy Vine discusses Sheffield’s Street Trees. Do listen on playback.
Paul Brooke spoke brilliantly, despite the connection being lost once.
Brian Lodge also spoke.
JV said they had about a trees’ worth of texts, tweets and comments about our trees.
We could hear the samba band in the back ground, and the chainsaws, as a reporter on Sackville Road described the scene as #58 was destroyed.

13:25 Goodbye healthy Lime at #58 Sackville Road, Crookes, now just a stump and a pile of logs.
The other targeted tree on Sackville Road has a bird’s nest in it and so cannot be touched.
Good timing birds, have fun looking after those eggs.

14:08 Peaceful Tree Protectors do the Sheffield Shuffle s-l-o-w-l-y up the road for 10 minutes, allowed by the police.

22:00 Those lucky enough to get tickets, see you at the Sheffield City Hall Tree Gig.

WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY….and possibly not sleeping tonight…

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