#saveshefftrees update Mon 5th March – Grinch who stole Xmas is back with his new mates

Daily News Round Up – Monday March 5th

Abbeydale Park Rise – targeted today.

Early this morning the very first presence on APR was an Amey vehicle, probably checking the condition of the road. Then there arrived a parking services car, tow truck and 4×4. A car was moved.
10am saw the arrival of a massive convoy of vehicles; Barriers wagons, “welfare” mini bus for the Amey workers, chippers, lorries to collect the chips from the chippers, police vans and various Amey cars and vans. Out of this convoy poured more than 30 police and over 40 Amey Yellow Jackets; Arbs, SIA operatives, Evidence Gatherers, Barrier men, an Ecologist and assistant. It seems a significant number of police officers there today were from Doncaster who were brought in today on their day off. Evidently, they were asked to volunteer but several said it was “forced” volunteering.

Amey barrier men set up Herras barriers at the bottom three trees. Then took down Herras barriers at two of them; the ecologist there said there was a birds nest in one tree and the other one opposite was too close to the nest to allow felling. This left one tree with Herras barriers around it and a Gecko in the hedge.

11:15am A Slow protest walk began and just happened to be in front of the Herras barrier van, and other vehicles, Amey wanted to move up the road. Eventually there were over 20 Tree Protectors having a lovely stroll back and forth across the road.
Meanwhile Acorn Arbs hand sawed and lopped the roadside canopy off the first tree they had set up around at the bottom of the road. While the Arbs sawed away two residents protected the tree where it oversailed their property by climbing up ladders and leisurely pruning the Holly beside the threatened tree.

12:30pm Back at the slow walk…after a little over an hour, and about 10 metres moved, the police decided to form a thin yellow line and “kettle” all the strolling tree Protectors up and to one side of the road. Several people fell down and two ladies felt unwell and, after a rest on the road, moved out of the kettled area. Once the police had most people to the side of the road a charming Frenchman sat down and played his Guitar and sang. This prompted an outbreak of “Strictly Come Protesting” Ballroom Dancing, very elegant.

13:00 onwards… Barrier wagons were brought in from the top end of the road. After setting up around a tree that was not on any threatened list (we did tell them…) the crew finally managed to get barriers up at three more trees, all part felled trees they had previously attacked.

Geckos got in everywhere, Gnomes stood in garden permissions and a French squirrel stood triumphant in a tree while the admiring crowd sang their version of La Marseillaise.

Yorkshire Mix sweeties were offered to all; we are an equal opportunity Tree Protecting Protest group.

By the end of the afternoon:
No more work had been done on any of the trees. All day only tree branches were removed from the one tree at the bottom of the road.

One person had been arrested for not giving their name quickly enough and we think the policeman was impatient and wanted to practice his handcuff technique. Once arrested the person was de-arrested. They may get a summons for a 303 Highways offence.

A second person gave their details quickly enough when asked and avoided the handcuffs. They were told to expect a summary charge for breach of 303 of the highways act. Not a recordable offence, should they be found guilty.

A third person was arrested, not quite sure why, possibly impersonating a nesting French hen.

A woman inside an incomplete zone collapsed after being removed. She was eventually taken to hospital in a police van as the ambulance service said there would be 4 hour wait. We understand that she is recovering well in hospital.

Please look on the STAG FB page for some interesting videos, pictures and descriptions of today’s events on APR and everything we’ve missed. It was a busy day…

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3 comments on “#saveshefftrees update Mon 5th March – Grinch who stole Xmas is back with his new mates
  1. Ellen says:

    Oh wow Well Done!
    Loved the frenchman with his music
    So happy ,, keep it up!! Proud of you all…


  2. The theory is that this is being done to save money: how much must they have budgeted above and beyond the proper cost in order to cover all the additional expenses?


  3. Tim says:

    Well done . We love trees and we need them!


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