Beautiful words from a supporter’s heart

MPR190118Unlike an “Arb” today, I’m going to use my words…

I really am so heartbroken at what is happening on Meersbrook Park Road (S17) and around my city. These trees have not been lost; they have been taken. Taken from all of us; each and every single life is unequivocally worse off without each and every single tree.

I am truly disgusted at the actions of Sheffield City Council and a corporation who use intimidation and physical harm in the name of profit. But I am not just heartbroken for the trees that have been taken from us; I am for those who have faced force when they offered peace, who have been challenged with fear when they offered respect and who have been hurt by greed when they gave care with no fee. To all of you, I thank you. I cannot be there with you but know that I have love for each and every single one of you for protecting the life of these beautiful trees, the rights we have in our society to speak up and protest against the intimidation and force of those who seek to oppress in the name of profit and control, and for representing all of us who cannot be there with you.

SCC and Amey are lying; that is a fact. That is not hyperbole, it’s not the statement of an “overly emotional tree hugger”, or even an opinion; it is a FACT.

You are making a difference. You are affecting social change. You are glorious and WE are proud. Thank you

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One comment on “Beautiful words from a supporter’s heart
  1. gordon ashall says:

    I m an 87 yr old pensioner, resident on meersbrook park road for 63 yrs who was crushed against the park railings, watched by the police, with no assistance, for trying to protect a healthy tree. I can’t believe that Sheffield council can condone this assault on an elderly citizen. I am truly shocked. And in full view of my Labour MP too


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