#SaveSheffTrees Update – w/e 12/01/18

granny caught up in mess

THIS WEEK – Amazing, Inspiring and not much luck for Amey!I

t’s been a hectic and sometimes stressful week but not discouraging and very few trees were felled, again. Great business for Acorn who are paid by the day regardless of results. At this rate they have jobs for life

Aggressive tree felling re-commenced in the early hours on Monday morning, and has continued all week. Night crews are hand-sawing trees at 2am to 5am somewhere across Sheffield every morning. Crews have been disturbed by night patrols of campaigners, but it can be a bit hit and miss, so we need all eyes on our trees at all times of day and night. There were also some nasty incidents when the Arbs, who seem quite frustrated, did some very stupid things like using abusive language to protestors, including a woman on her own who was treated very aggressively, and making completely false accusations to the police about protestors’ behaviour (after the police were called out by protestors). Luckily there was good video evidence.

There have been some mass attacks. On Wednesday it was Meersbrook Park Road, where there was not a branch removed and a five hour stand-off that resulted in an arrest for blocking the highway. Thursday there was a huge attempt on the large Plane tree on Crescent Road. A few more branches were chopped, but not many, and another lengthy standoff. They used this standoff to try felling at St Ronans Road and Kenwood Road at exactly the same time. They had no success on St Ronans Road, although a campaigner was crushed against a wall by a felling crew member. But sadly they were able to reduce significantly to just a high stump a tree on Kenwood Road (one of the trees already brutalised by night time hand-sawing just before Christmas). This tree is still saveable with rectifying pruning. Later in the day there was a huge attack on a Lime tree on Chatsworth Road in Dore where an incredible 40 “yellow jackets” (felling crew, security guards, barrier crew and evidence gatherers) managed to get a few branches before they were stopped by a masked campaigner vaulting the barriers.

There have been many other attempts at felling trees across Sheffield. But again the dedication and bravery of so many people have prevented felling. Cars parked under threatened trees, night patrols, day patrols, keen eyed facebook reports of potential felling, geckos, bunnies, garden permissions, people videoing, bat boxes, and so much more. All are coming together to create an absolute nightmare for Amey and Sheffield Council.

Many/most of the parking restrictions have been extended again for yet another week, so we can expect the same tomorrow (Friday), next week, and even potentially at the weekends too. Don’t forget Amey are now being fined significantly monthly for their incomplete targets, so they are desperate and will resort to all sorts of tactics.

One event to notify you about is an event at the Banner Cross Pub on Monday 15th January from 8pm. Its not strictly tree related. It’s called “It’s Our City” and has been set up by a tree campaigner as the first meeting to tree to start a movement that begins to change the politics in Sheffield from a near one party political monopoly to something very different. It’s worked in Frome in Somerset, and in Herefordshire at a County level, look them up on Google. Perhaps it could happen in Sheffield too….

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  1. Nadeem W says:

    Bunnies and Geckos of Sheffield Street Tree Fellings Protests Explained


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