Calvin P Court Update – Suspended Sentence + Costs. 

Update from Sheffield combined courts: #StandwithCalvin – 3 months, sentence suspended for a year, £16k costs, SCC asked for £34k costs.

Check out @StagNews2017’s Tweet:

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One comment on “Calvin P Court Update – Suspended Sentence + Costs. 
  1. dick100 says:

    we face an existential threat to Sheffield’s trees.

    SCC wish to stop all protests by pinni ng huge costs on them, so Amey can go ahead with chopping healthy trees which happen to slightly crack the pavement, displace some kerb stones,or intruding into the road with their roots.

    It is a Private Funding Initiative contract.

    The terms of the contract state all such trees are to be cut down.

    This is why senior councilors keep saying “no other engineering solution is possible under the contract” and “rubber mats would cost £1800 extra to the contract and we can’t afford it.


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