Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust response to Nether Edge elm arboriculture reports

The council is proposing to fell a healthy and important elm tree, with no clear reason for doing so.

That is our conclusion, having carefully considered the council’s recently released independent arboriculture reports as well as the Independent Tree Panel (ITP)’s advice.

We have seen no evidence to suggest that the Chelsea Road elm tree is immediately unsafe and ‘significantly’ diseased. The ITP themselves refer to the elm as a ‘notable and rare species’ whilst the council’s own independent arboriculture reports state the tree is a ‘significant specimen’ and should be ‘managed as a free grown specimen’ following some crown reduction.

If the tree was immediately unsafe then this should have been declared in the inspection reports.

Both the arboriculture reports and the ITP’s report were commissioned in 2016 but have only just been released – in the ITP’s case almost a year after its original publication date. We have asked but received no explanation as to why it was felt necessary to keep this information from the public.

Once again, we ask the council to consider the ITP’s engineering solution recommendations or a low cost patch repair option for the road, as previously discussed with the Save Nether Edge Trees group, in order to retain this important mature elm tree, and the butterfly colony it supports, at limited expense to the city.

We wrote to the council’s solicitor two weeks ago to seek an explanation for this unnecessary decision to fell the tree. This letter is published on our website, alongside the recently received arboricultue reports, the ITP’s report and copies of our earlier correspondence with Councillor Bryan Lodge:…/2017/…/14/chelsea-road-elm-tree-latest

Please share this post and encourage people to ask the council to reconsider their decision and not fell the Chelsea Road elm tree.

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