Nether-edge (Last)Week Update

Hi everyone,
What a week it has been. Serious felling across the city. A minimum of seven felling crews doing hit and run felling, being tracked and (mostly) being prevented from felling by an amazing set of dedicated tree campaigners.

Some of the behaviour from Amey and their sub-contractors has been shocking. One campaigner was assaulted by a senior Amey manager (there is a crime number and it is still being investigated). Numerous serious health and safety breaches were observed and recorded. Plus much much more.

Ultimately, across the city, somewhere just under 100 trees were felled, mainly smaller trees. The seven crews were on overtime, many working between 8am and 6pm, but sometimes as early as 7am and as late as 8pm. Whilst just under 100 trees lost is not brilliant, thinking about Amey’s felling productivity, if it hadn’t been for the campaigners, it would have been in the region of 300 or even 400 trees lost, so we slowed them down significantly. And there were signs towards the end of the week that we had adapted to their tactics and were getting better at slowing and preventing felling.

In our own area of Nether Edge and Carter Knowle, we got off relatively lightly. Four trees (three dead or very diseased) were felled on Bowood Road. Two trees were felled on Wayland Road. The only tree in Ventnor Place was lost. And two trees were felled on St Ronans Road. Attempts were also made on Raven Road, Coverdale Road, Milton Road, and on the rest of the trees on Bowood, Wayland, and St Ronans Roads.

Losing 9 trees in our area is very sad, but the success in quick alert and people turning up and standing under the tree to stop/prevent felling was great. We therefore still have 217 trees still standing in our area that remain threatened and which still need to be protected.

All that said, we need to get even better. There is one area in particular which you can all help, and that is keeping your eyes open and reporting the earliest hint of potential felling. Even five minutes earlier spotting and reporting of the potential felling can make a huge difference. So to help you out in keeping an eye out, here is a reminder of the roads you need to be looking out for.

Red Alert Roads (felling could happen any time any day)

Adelaide Road
Agden Road
Albany Road
Bowood Road
Briar Road
Brincliffe Gardens
Chippinghouse Road
Coverdale Road
Edgebrook Road
Edgedale Road
Gatefield Road
Glentilt Road
Hunter House Road
Kenbourne Road
Kenwood Park Road
Kenwood Road
Ladysmith Road
Milton Road
Raven Road
Rundle Road
Sandford Grove Road
St Ronans Road
Steade Road
Struan Road
Swaledale Road
Wayland Road
Wostenhome Road

Amber Alert Roads (still with the ITP but results expected any day)

Barkers Road
Chelsea Road
Crescent Road
Montgomery Road
Psalter Lane
Ryle Road
Sheldon Road
Thornsett Road
Wath Road
Woodstock Road

Other roads to watch out for

Lyndhurst Road – We have heard rumours that more trees have been spotted by Amey that they want to fell outside of the ITP process.

Quarry Lane – We have heard rumours that the remaining three large trees on that road are now threatened, outside of the ITP process.

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One comment on “Nether-edge (Last)Week Update
  1. Fiona Brown says:

    They are out on Coverdale Road agin to fell the trees. Very surly crew


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