How To Save Trees and Influence People

Here are some handy hints and tips that you may find useful when discussing “the tree situation” with pro-felling residents.

I want the tree(s) felled because…

… falling leaves/fruit are a nuisance.
… falling blossom/sap/bird droppings are a nuisance.
… trees are blocking our light and causing shade.
… trees are obstructing our telephone wires.
… trees are obstructing TV or satellite reception.
… trees are preventing us from widening our driveway.

The council say they will not fell trees for any of these reasons. See here for further details.

I want the tree(s) felled because…

… the tree(s) outside my house are damaging my property.

Ask the householder how they know that the tree is the problem. In order to confirm that it is tree roots damaging a property, a survey needs to be carried out by a structural engineer, generally over the course of a year. If trees are proven to be the cause of the damage, the householder’s insurance company should be contacted for information on how to proceed.

“Trees are always blamed first because it’s the cheapest option for the insurance company, but it’s not always true.” – Ian Dalton, Arborist

Even if roots are causing damage, felling may not be the answer. There may be other solutions. Removing trees may cause problems with heave in the future. If heave is suspected following the removal of a street tree, an insurance claim should be made against Streets Ahead.

“The responsibility for the safety of Highway trees rests with the Councils Highways ‘Client’ team (Streets Ahead) and the highway contractor, Amey”

Sheffield Council Corporate Tree Risk Management Strategy (Section 3.2)

I want the tree(s) felled because…

… tree roots are damaging the drains.

This can be a sensitive subject so approach with caution. We have heard many people say how often they have tried to contact the council about drain damage to no avail.

Tree roots follow water sources and can only get inside drains if they are already damaged. They do not cause the damage.

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