Save Sheffield Street Trees Presentation

This free resource, online here, has been produced by members of STAG as a means to setting the record straight regarding the many Myths & Alternative Facts that have been peddled by Sheffield City Council & Amey (Streets Ahead).

STAG seeks to try & retain Healthy Street Trees and to highlight the major shortcomings of the Streets Ahead Program and the futility of initiatives such as the SCC Tree Survey & the setting up of the Independent Tree Panel process.

In the process we are challenging the council’s own so-called “myth-busting” and relentless abuse of the facts.

We are hoping this informed piece of work can be disseminated as widely as possible so please do share!

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Let’s Dance For the Trees

Buy tickets for the Let’s Dance for the Trees event taking place on 8th December from 8 to 11pm.

Crowdfunder: street trees legal fund

We are currently collecting to support the small number of campaigners who are facing court costs after cases brought by Sheffield City Council.

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