POLL: Were Sheffield opposition councillors right to walk out of yesterday’s meeting?

I recall a poll in the Star. Oh yes, here it is. 24 hours ish saw 1217 votes cast. 88%, or 1070 of respondents supported the cross- party walkout in support of Alison Teal. Nothing more was heard. Ok, these kinds of polls are unscientific, but they are a ‘barometer’ of sorts. At the same time that this was not making any news at all some snarky petition from a leading party activist was actually making headlines despite then having only the one solitary supporter in a week or so. Press exposure saw support spiralling to four, then seven by the Easter weekend. Seven supporters in two weeks, hmmmm.

Meanwhile, SCC maintain their audacious assertion that tree campaigners are a tiny minority. They should get out more

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